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McNaughton-McKay Electric Company: 100 Years of Customer Service

On February 10, 1910, an article in The Detroit Free Press read, “The McNaughton-McKay Electric Co. is the name of a new firm of electrical supply dealers, just opened for business at 107 Broadway. The members of the company are Arch McKay and John McNaughton, the former for a number of years with the Miller-Seldon Electric Co., and the latter with Henry L. Walker & Co. Messrs. McNaughton and McKay are both young men with lots of friends, lots of ambition, and lots of ability.” With this announcement, McNaughton-McKay Electric Company began its journey of becoming a prominent player in the electrical distribution industry that was and is marked by exceptional leadership, sound business principals, clear vision, superior customer service, best in class suppliers and most importantly outstanding employees.

During the first year of business, McNaughton-McKay nearly doubled their projected sales of $75,000 in only 10 ½ months of operation. That same year a young man that shared McNaughton and McKay’s ideals and drive for success began working as a delivery boy for the company, his name was Clarence (C.R.) Bull and he had big dreams and high aspirations. In 1929 he was made a stockholder of the company, and in 1949 became Chief Executive of McNaughton-McKay. Upon retiring in 1979, he remained active in the company as Chairman of the Board until his death in 1990 after 79 years of service.

As a corporation, McNaughton-McKay focuses on helping customers reach their sourcing and procurement goals through a variety of services and solutions. Extensive inventory, strong technical support capabilities, and
operational excellence are dedicated to assisting customers support their day to day operations.

McNaughton-McKay believes in supplier loyalty. Being more than a middleman for a manufacturer’s product benefits not only the company and the manufacturer but most importantly the customer. There are currently over 300 product lines stocked within the McNaughton-McKay locations representing the industry’s leading manufacturers of electrical products.

For 96 years the company was owned by the McNaughton, McKay and Bull families. “The families charted a vision of customer, supplier and employee loyalty that resulted in their transfer of ownership to the McNaughton-McKay Electric Company Employee Stock Ownership Plan and Trust which benefits current and future employees of the company. In December of 2006 McNaughton-McKay became 100% employee owned.” comments current CEO, Donald D. Slominski, Jr. Throughout the company’s history there has been tremendous growth and success. The fact that there have only been minor hardships along the way is a testament to the vision and ideals the founders and subsequent leadership has displayed in the past and continues to do today. With revenue growth as one of the company’s objectives, McNaughton-McKay was able to diversify in other markets and regions. There are currently 22 locations in 5 states: Georgia, Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina and South Carolina with a European location in Krefeld, Germany.

John (Jack) R. McNaughton III, Vice President and COO, reflected upon what the 100th Anniversary of the company means to him and states, “The reason for our success is our rich history and strong tradition of excellence in customer service, supplier partnership and employee support.”