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Michigan Construction and Public Service Industry

For many of you, the realization that McNaughton-McKay is a factor in the construction business is an everyday reality.  Others are just starting to realize the strength of our inventory and services.  We hope this area of our site will provide some of you with your first exposure to our long term commitment of service to the construction market in South East Michigan.

Service is defined in a number of ways.  We define it as delivering product to you in the most cost effective manner possible.  The best cost can only be delivered if we understand all aspects of our business transition, with you.  We hope we have the opportunity to speak with your organization and define your requirements so we can align our resources for a more dedicated "service" to your company.  

Valued Customers:
For additional information concerning the Michigan Construction group or to discuss partnering with McNaughton-McKay, please contact: Rob Caprara - Director of Construction Sales