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Regional Contacts


Rob Caprara
Director of Construction Sales

Phone:  734-327-6251

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Rick Belczak
Sales Manager

Central Ohio 
Phone:  800-837-3392

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John Marshall
Sales Manager

Northern Ohio
Phone:  419-422-2984

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Doug Cooper
General Manager

Coastal Operations 
Phone:  843-856-7700

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Mark Hanley
Sales Manager

Phone:  800-353-6225

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Andy Pond
Sales Manager

North Carolina
Phone:  800-521-0917

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Sean Adams

Sales Manager
South Carolina
Phone:  800-537-4855

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Construction Services from McNaughton-McKay

McNaughton-McKay wants to earn your trust as a valued supplier for your electrical construction requirements.

Our objective is to save you time, resources, and overall job costs.   In a market where time and money are two things you cannot afford to waste, making McNaughton-McKay your trusted construction supplier ensures that will not happen.

From sophisticated industrial and commercial construction to single and multi-family residential building, McNaughton-McKay’s full-line of products and services can help make your company more efficient and successful. McNaughton-McKay provides the most complete package of services for electrical construction in the industry, including:







  • Broad, diverse, and deep local inventory

  • Competitively priced material

  • Detailed, accurate project quotations

  • Fast, efficient, timely delivery to job sites  

  • First-class project order management

  • Knowledgeable sales team

  • Lighting & Power Distribution

  • On-site material management

  • Pro-active expediting

  • Stage & Store Capabilities

  • Superior counter and will call service

  • Value engineering

McNaughton-McKay also employs a LEED Accredited Professional.  LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Professional Accreditation distinguishes building professionals with the knowledge and skills to foster successfully the LEED certification process.  LEED APs demonstrate a thorough understanding of green building practices and principles and the LEED Rating System.  McNaughton-McKay looks to enhance our service offerings by meeting the growing need for energy efficiency and sustainability technologies for all its clients.  Our LEED AP is ready to help customers become more environmentally conscious as well as prepare them for long-term financial success.