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Upcoming Events

Customer Appreciation Events
- Greenville, SC - May 20th
- Charlotte, NC - May 22

Drives Headquarters
- Gastonia, NC - April 29th
- Concord, NC - April 30th
- Charlotte, NC - May 1st

EtherNet I/P & Network
Security Seminar
- Mansfield, OH - May 6th
- Columbus, OH - May 7th
- Hebron, OH - May 8th

Managing Drives Recovery
- Toledo,OH - May 13th
- Findlay,OH - May 14th
- Defiance,OH - May 15th

Rockwell Basics Courses
 Basics of Electricity – MFG244
- Charlotte, NC - June 23rd
 Industrial Electrical Controls &
 Fundamentals – MFG213
- Charlotte, NC - June 24th-27th

Thermography Certification Series:
Level I
- Norcross, GA - June 9th - 12th

 Level II
- Norcross, GA - Aug. 25th - 28th

See Training Section for complete listing of upcoming training seminars by Region....


Welcome to our corporate website.  No matter how large or small your need, McNaughton-McKay stands ready to offer our expertise to ensure your success.  We realize that your success depends on receiving not only quality components, but also the services to create a greater profitability from these products. 

At McNaughton-McKay we do what it takes to be your electrical connection.

Interactive Anywhere, Interactive Anytime, Dynics Delivers

Dynics offers kiosks from 32" to 140" displays with multi touch screen capability and embedded high performance computer power. Their interactive displays are innovative, eye catching, and effective to deliver your message to a wide array of potential customers.

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Reduce System Costs with Spectrum Controls HART Protocol Analog Input Module

The 1734sc-IE2CH/IE4CH module maximizes your system performance by combining real-time HART data acquisition in conjunction with standard analog acquisition and control—at a fraction of the cost. Simplify commissioning, operation and maintenance; the data may be used as the foundation for your asset management system.

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Be Proactive and Recognize the Importance of Implementing Surge and Filter Protection as Part of Your Industrial Environment

Any load switching that creates a spark has the potential to produce damaging transients within your system. These transients can destroy equipment if not addressed. Motor drives, contactors, and capacitor bank switching are just a few examples of transient sources. Noise is unwanted disturbance in your power line. Examples of noise sources include variable speed drives and computerized industrial loads. Premature aging and system interference are common to equipment without protection.

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