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Power Quality/Energy Management

Many industrial customers today face problems relative to the maintenance and management of power coming into their facility.  McNaughton-McKay has developed a solutions based approach with our key manufacturer partners to educate and help our customers minimize the effect that power disturbances can have on their facility.

McNaughton-McKay has teamed with several key manufacturers in the electrical and power quality industry.   Listed below are a few of these manufacturers.

McNaughton-McKay's regional Power Quality specialists work closely with these manufacturers to train, educate and provide the products and solutions to meet your most demanding Power Quality applications.  If your need is to cost effectively monitor via the Internet (with an email notification sent directly to you)  a power quality disturbance,  McNaughton-McKay has teamed with SoftSwitch to market the I-Sence product.


McNaughton-McKay also has put together regional  Power Quality training seminars that take into account issues associated with power disturbances and the effect a power disturbance can have on a facility.  This educational and financial based approach to educating our customers has been well received by all that have attended. This training seminar is a blend of product content and solutions based training as the major areas of focus. Feel free to contact your local McNaughton-McKay branch location for more details as to how we can meet all of your Power Quality & Energy Management needs.