BRAND : Sylvania

The OCTRON® 800 XP® SUPERSAVER® T8 fluorescent offering includes a full complement of lengths and wattages, ensuring there is an energy saving lamp to satisfy nearly all applications. These lamps operate on standard T8 instant start systems and provide up to 22 percent energy savings over 32 watt lamps. at 11cent/kWh and 4000 hr of operation per year, the 22 percent energy savings translate to a savings of $12.32 per fixture per year for a 4-lamp fixture. The initial lumen output, lumen maintenance and high color rendering of the OCTRON® 800 XP® SUPERSAVER® ECOLOGIC® lamps help ensure that lighting quality is maintained while energy is saved. These lamps pass the federal TCLP test, classifying them as nonhazardous waste in most states and feature lead-free glass, bases and manufacturing process, reducing overall environmental impact. For optimal performance and system Warranty, pair with OSRAM Quicktronic® electronic ballast systems.
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  • Std. Package Qty : 1
  • Availability: Call Local Branch
  • Type : Extended Performance
  • Designation : FO28/835/XP/SS/ECO3
  • Wattage : 28 W
  • Shape : T8
  • Lamp Finish : Phosphor Coated
  • Start Type : Instant
  • Ballast Type : Electronic

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