BRAND : Scotch®

Our scotch® definite length dispenser M82 easily mounts to a table or bench top for long lasting performance. This product is ideal for delivering single or multiple strips of 3M™ electrical tapes for wire bundling in sub-assembly operations or 3M™ filament tapes for inner box closure. This useful product allows you to dispense tapes in needed lengths for food and beverage, apparel, print, retail and many other applications where frequent taping with definite length tape is needed. It delivers standard tape lengths from 1.5 to 16 in (40 to 400 mm) with one easy stroke of the lever. Repeating the lever stroke will produce longer lengths. Tape dispensers hold a roll, keep the tape end accessible and provide a means of cutting the tape. Dispensers have a central spool or core and include a mechanism at one end for shear cutting the tape. They are available in a wide variety of options, from single use, to automated industrial machines. The handheld variety range from plastic, which may be either refillable or disposable, to larger devices used for packaging and bundling in conjunction with shipping. With convenience in mind, handheld tape dispensers are common accessories in office and light industrial settings. Weighted desktop dispensers are useful for a variety of office, retail, industrial and home use. A-weighted base keeps the dispenser stable for single hand use yet allows portability to be carried anywhere taping is needed. Dispensers for package and bundling operations also feature single handed design for ergonomics and convenience.
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  • Std. Package Qty : 1
  • Availability: Call Local Branch
  • Type : Definite Length
  • Roll Size : 4 in
  • Core Size : 3 in
  • Frame Material : Metal
  • Color : Gray
  • Width : 11-1/2 in
  • Height : 10-1/4 in
  • Depth : 16-3/4 in

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