The SIRIUS 3RW40 soft starters are characterized above all by their small space requirements. Integrated bypass contacts mean that no power loss has to be taken into the bargain at the power semiconductors (thyristors) after the motor has started up. This cuts down on heat losses, enabling a more compact design and making external bypass circuits superfluous. At the same time this soft starter comes with additional integrated functions such as adjustable current limiting, motor overload and intrinsic device protection, and optional thermistor motor protection. The higher the motor rating, the more important these functions because they make it unnecessary to purchase and install protection equipment such as overload relays. Internal intrinsic device protection prevents the thermal overloading of the thyristors and the power section defects this can cause. As an option the thyristors can also be protected by semiconductor fuses from short-circuiting. Thanks to integrated status monitoring and fault monitoring, this compact soft starter offers many different diagnostics options. Up to four LEDs and relay outputs permit differentiated monitoring and diagnostics of the operating mechanism by indicating the operating state as well as for example mains or phase failure, missing load, non-permissible tripping time/CLASS setting, thermal overloading or device faults. Soft starters rated up to 250 kW (at 400 V) for standard applications in three-phase networks are available. Extremely small sizes, low power losses and simple start-up are just three of the many advantages of the SIRIUS 3RW40 soft starters.
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