BRAND : Scotchcast™

3M™ Scotchcast™ Electrical Insulating Resin 4 Size C (14.7 oz) is a two-part epoxy insulating and encapsulating resin packaged in three sizes. This resin, mixed in its unique container bag, generates its own heat to cure. Its compatibly with solid and synthetic cable insulations and jackets makes 4 resin an excellent insulator and sealer for cable splicing. Use 3M™ Scotchcast™ Resin 4 to splice solid dielectric and oil filled cables up to 8 kV and to jacket high voltage splices through 69 kV. It is included in the 82 and 90-B1 Series splice kits. Gel time is 16 min. at 23(deg)C.
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  • Std. Package Qty : 1
  • Availability: Call Local Branch
  • Color : Black
  • Material : Epoxy
  • Suitable for Use With : 82-A, 82-B1, 85-14CP, 90-B1 Series Face Shields

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