BRAND : Arlington

Roof Topper™ supports raise conduit or raceway 4 in or more off the roof surface to meet the requirements of the 2014 NEC for temperature adjustment for circular conduit.Made of UV-rated, 100% recycled material, the heavy-duty base sits on the roof deck without the need to attach it to the roof surface with mechanical fasteners.Roof Topper supports stand up to extreme roof conditions, protecting and elevating your conduit or raceway above the roof deck. Roof Topper is available in a varietyof sizes and configurations. They ship assembled with strut and/or threaded rod installed on the base. On our "E" series supports, the strut is attached with end clamps, reducing cost without any loss of strength.New to the line are three styles, 5-5/8 in high with a SLED on the base that slides on the roof surface, protecting it from damage caused byexpansion and contraction.
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  • Std. Package Qty : 1
  • Availability: Call Local Branch
  • Type : Open Base
  • Width : 5 in
  • Depth : 6 in
  • Material : Plastic
  • Color : Black

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