BRAND : HPS Centurion® R

The new HPS Centurion® R reactor provides a unique blend of improved performance and reliability while reducing the product footprint. HPS Centurion® R reactors deliver protection for your motors and AC drives, while minimizing power system harmonics. They are available in standard ratings from 0.5 hp (373 W) to 1200 hp (895 kW), up to 600 V (690 V with de-rating) and are fully compliant with UL, CSA, CE, IEC, and NEMA standards. The efficient and cost effective HPS Centurion® R reactors are built to satisfy the power quality needs of demanding AC drive applications. HPS reactors are designed to address line-side issues associated with variable frequency drives. They attenuate voltage and current transients that can cause nuisance tripping of a drive. Reactors also minimize harmonic current levels within the drive supply circuit. When used on the output side of IGBT-based, PWM-type AC drives, HPS reactors reduce the motor operating temperature and audible noise by moderating line transients seen by the motor. The use of HPS reactors enhances the overall system performance, life expectancy, and efficiency of the motor.
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