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Standard Warranty Information

Standard Motors

Baldor Electric Company and its employees are proud of our products and are committed to providing our customers and end users with the best designed and manufactured motors, drives and other Baldor products. This Limited Warranty and Service Policy describes Baldor’s warranty and warranty procedures.

Scope of Warranty:

All Baldor standard motors are warranted against defects in Baldor workmanship and materials.

Warranty Period:

Please review the following matrix to determine the correct warranty period for your Baldor product.
Download: Warranty Matrix

Warranty Service Center Locations:

Warranty service is available for all Baldor products from Baldor’s Customer Service Center in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and from Baldor Authorized Service Centers. A list of Baldor’s Authorized Service Centers is available in catalog #505 on CD, Baldor website: www.baldor.com and from any Baldor District Office or by contacting us at the above location.

Procedure to Receive Warranty Service:

Customers should take or ship prepaid the Baldor product requiring warranty service to a Baldor Authorized Service Center. Please include an explanation of the defect or problem, a description of the way in which the Baldor product is used, and your name, address and telephone number.

Repair by Other than a Baldor-Authorized Service Center:

Customers who are unable to take or ship the Baldor product to a Baldor Authorized Service Center, or who desire a repair to be made by other than a Baldor Authorized Service Center, should contact the local Baldor District Office. A repair by anyone other than a Baldor Authorized Service Center must be approved in advance by Baldor.

Repairs or Replacement Within the Scope of the Warranty:

If a Baldor product is defective due to Baldor workmanship or materials and the defect occurs during the warranty period, then Baldor will either repair the product or replace it with a new one, whichever Baldor believes to be appropriate under the circumstances. Baldor is not responsible for removal and shipping of the Baldor product to the service center, the reinstallation of the Baldor product upon its return to the customer, or any incidental or consequential damages resulting from the defect, removal, reinstallation, shipment or otherwise.

Repairs Outside the Scope of the Warranty:

Problems with Baldor products can be due to improper maintenance, faulty installation, non-Baldor additions or modifications, or other problems not due to defects in Baldor workmanship or materials. If the Baldor Authorized Service Center determines that the problem with a Baldor product is not due to defects in Baldor workmanship or materials, then the customer will be responsible for the cost of any necessary repairs. Customers not satisfied with a determination that a problem is outside of warranty coverage should contact the Baldor District Office for further consideration.

Intended Use:

Baldor products are designed for industrial, commercial and agricultural use rather than household, family or personal use.

Product Specifications:

All product specifications, applications and other information provided in Baldor’s catalog and publications are subject to correction and change without notice and should be confirmed with the Baldor District Office prior to ordering.

Extended Warranties:

Extended warranties are available for certain Baldor products. These warranties are described in Baldor’s catalog and other sales literature. Extended warranties are subject to the terms and procedures of this Limited Warranty and Service Policy as modified by the additional terms of the extended warranty.

No Other Warranties and Liability Limitation:

This Limited Warranty and Service Policy represents Baldor’s sole and exclusive warranty obligation with respect to Baldor products. Baldor’s liability to a customer or any other person shall not exceed the Baldor’s sales price of the applicable Baldor product. BALDOR DISCLAIMS ALL OTHER EXPRESSED AND IMPLIED WARRANTIES INCLUDING THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND MERCHANTABILITY.


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Baldor has made every effort to make this catalog complete and accurate as of the time of printing. Since products are continuously being improved, all data is subject to change or correction. The data presented here is for general information to provide an overview of Baldor’s capabilities. For specific applications, installation and operating instructions, certified dimensions, capabilities and performance data, and pricing and availability, contact your Baldor District Sales Office.

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