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No matter what industry you are in, business moves at lightning speed. Many times projects are not cut and dry, they require multiple steps and creative thinking. An engineered solution might be just what you are looking for to solve your problem. Our solutions specialists follow a series of steps to help you devise a solution.

We combine industry knowledge with technical expertise and proven methodology to guide you through every phase of a project. Our knowledge of components, systems and integration allow us to efficiently turn your project into production.  We coordinate multiple supplier partners - ensuring all parties are working toward satisfying your needs and requirements.

Our Engineered Solutions Specialists can assist with:

  • Problem Definition
  • Conducting Background Research
  • Specification of Requirements
  • Brainstorming Multiple Solutions
  • Choosing the Best Solution
  • Testing and Redesign
  • Subcontracted Panel Build Services
  • Implementation and Startup
  • Training



Custom Products - leverage local engineering firms' and consultants' build capabilities to modify standard products, or combine multiple products into simple subassemblies or kits. This can simplify the machine build process for OEM customers.

Computer Workstations - develop multiple solutions for plant-floor industrial computer workstations, including installation and Rockwell Software product registration.


Project Management

Project Management - provide local project management to help coordinate multiple types of delivered solutions. We oversee our suppliers' and integrators' component delivery schedules to maintain overall installation and startup schedules.

As the Industrial manufacturing environment continues to change, McNaughton-McKay Engineered Solutions specialists will work closely with you to develop a plan that meets your most stringent manufacturing requirements.

Whether you are trying to coordinate your business enterprise with the plant floor or you are developing a sophisticated motion application, we have the expertise, understanding and partners to address and satisfy all facets of your project. Our solution engineers can help take your project from beginning to end working directly with key suppliers, systems integrators and engineering firms to help your projects meet with your complete satisfaction.


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