Fundamentals of PLC Wiring & Commissioning

At the completion of this course, the participants will clearly see the differences between relay logic and ladder logic, and will be able to “talk through" and debug/troubleshoot the PLC’s ladder logic using the Logix5000 software in order to locate a “real,” faulty input or output device, replace it, and get the process back up and running.

The participant will begin their training by wiring the actual input and output (I/O) devices such as photo-electric sensors, inductive proximity and selector switches, pushbuttons, and outputs such as contactors, indicator lamps, etc. to the PLC’s input/output modules.

This course serves as a solid foundation for those planning on taking Rockwell Automation Studio 5000/Control Logix courses.

  • Students will be provided a brief overview of relay logic so they will be able to understand the differences between relay logic and ladder logic.
  • Ability to identify “real” and “simulated” I/O in order to troubleshoot the ladder logic.
  • The concept of “tags” will be fully understood and each student will assign “tags” where appropriate using the Logix5000 software.
  • The troubleshooting tools of “toggling” and “forcing” I/O will be thoroughly examined and applied.
  • Examples of Timer (TON, TOF, RTO) and Counter (CTU, CTD) circuits will be presented.
  • An explanation of “how” and “why” specific instructions such as One-Shot (ONS), First Scan (S:FS), Set Bit if Zero/Negative (S:Z, S:N) are used in a PLC-based system.
  • Several examples using Comparison instructions such as EQU, NEQ, GRT, LES, GEQ, LEQ, LIM, etc. will be shown.
  • Project examples that use Math instructions, such as, ADD, SUB, MUL, and DIV will be presented in detail.
  • Numerous hands-on labs utilizing troubleshooting skills are included in all of the above subject matter in order to reinforce the lecture material.

Receive a 10% discount for 3-5 students; or 15% discount for 6 or more students
Professional Development Hours (PDH): 21 at completion

Course Details

  1. Course #: PLC1
  2. Duration: 3 Day(s)
  3. Cost: $1495.0

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