Fundamentals of VFD Wiring and Commissioning

At the completion of this class, students will be able to install, wire, and commission a VFD for various applications.

This three day class will cover VFD theory, motor theory, input protection, output protection, dynamic braking, encoder feedback, safety (applying safe-off), basic parameter programming, wiring (students will wire their own workstations), basic application programming, and hands-on testing and troubleshooting using various test and measurement equipment. Students will complete this class with the ability to install, test, start-up, and troubleshoot basic VFD applications and installations.

Days 1 and 2: This course will cover a combination of instructor led discussions, demonstrations, and hands-on labs covering both wiring and programming a VFD. Through hands-on labs, the student will learn about various configurations and applications using their own individual VFD workstations and a hand-held VFD test module. The Test Module has a Start/Stop PB, Potentiometer, and a FWD/REV Selector Switch.

Day 3: Students will use what they learned over the first two days and apply their knowledge with a hands-on troubleshooting and testing experience using various test and measurement instrumentation. Students will experience instructor led demonstrations on properly troubleshooting and testing techniques for VFDs. They will also spend time at their workstations experiencing their own results of various scenarios for pre-testing (before starting up a VFD), post-testing (after a VFD is running), and troubleshooting (when a VFD is not working properly).

Course Details

  1. Course #: VFD1
  2. Duration: 3 Day(s)
  3. Cost: $1895.0

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