Thermography Certification Training - Level 1

Thermography Certification Training Overview:

  • Infrared thermography applications overview
  • Basic camera setup & operation
  • Basic IR camera user interface, menu description and navigation, operational tips and tricks, and key elements to getting a good IR Image
  • Thermal science fundamentals
  • Heat transfer
  • Fundamentals of infrared science
  • Thermal measurement
  • Electrical applications
  • Thermography safety
  • Mechanical applications
  • Building applications
  • Review
  • Final Exam

Infrared Course Benefits:

  • Use any manufacturer’s thermography camera!
  • Comprehensive, hands-on introduction to thermal imaging and measurement systems for predictive maintenance applications. No experience in thermography is necessary!
  • Collect quality data, accurate temperature readings, and account for measurement effects such as distance and emissivity using infrared cameras.
  • Interpret thermograms and make informed decisions using heat transfer concepts to analyze thermal images, and see the latest in infrared inspection report generation and database software.
  • Avoid costly mistakes - learn to distinguish between hot spots and reflections, direct vs. indirect readings and qualitative vs. quantative thermography.
  • Challenge yourself with field applications labs that closely simulate

Course Details

  1. Duration: 4 Day(s)
  2. Cost: $1895.0

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McNaughton-McKay - Columbus, OH 12/10/2018 - 12/13/2018 Start Time: 08:30 Contact Register

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