FactoryTalk Batch Project Design and Implementation

This course is designed to provide a complete overview of the design and implementation of a batch project using FactoryTalk® Batch software. This includes an introduction to batch processing and to the ANSI/ISA S88.01 Standard. FactoryTalk Batch system architecture, system operation, and system configuration are covered in detail.

Upon completion of the course you will be able to:

• Use the recommended technique, layout a batch solution using project documentation (P&ID’s and existing SOP’s)
•  Use the Batch View and ActiveX Controls to create, monitor, and control batches
•  Use the Equipment Editor to create an equipment database (Area Model).
•  Use the Recipe Editor to create and validate both Class-based and Unit-based recipes
•  Configure the Batch Archiver and use Enhanced Report Package
•  Perform system administration tasks such as configuring the FactoryTalk Batch Server, configuring and FactoryTalk Batch security and enabling a remote Batch View machine
•  Design Controller based phases (equipment Phases) that are capable of communicating with the FactoryTalk Batch server
•  Use FactoryTalk Batch eProcedure to integrate manual phases into a FactoryTalk Batch System
•  Successfully use FactoryTalk Material Manager to define and use material based phases

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Course Details

  1. Duration: 5 Day(s)
  2. Cost: $2750.0

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