Micro Control Systems 101 Workshop

This complimentary workshop is intended to give customers an overview of Rockwell Automationnull;s Connected Components portfolio of products which offer cost effective solutions for builders of small, stand-alone machines. Customers will learn about the Micro800 PLC family, PanelView 800 Operator Interface Terminals, PowerFlex 520 series VFDnull;s, GuardMaster 440-CR30 Configurable Safety Relays, and the free Connected Component Workbench (CCW) software which programs and configures all of these devices.

This workshop includes free hands-on labs which provide an introduction to programming the Micro800 PLC;s and PanelView 800 Operator Interface products. Attendees will also be offered the opportunity to purchase a complete ;Starter Pack; at a greatly reduced cost. This ;Starter Pack; includes the hardware, software, and materials needed to continue learning about these products (details on flyer).

*Breakfast and lunch are included
** Limited seating

Course Details

  1. Duration: 1 Day(s)

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McNaughton-McKay - Madison Heights, MI 11/01/2018 Start Time: 08:00 Contact Closed

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