Arc Flash Mitigation Solutions Seminar

This 2-hour seminar focuses on the methods and technologies to reduce arc flash hazards within your facility and compliance with the National Electrical Code (NEC®) for arc flash hazard reduction.


Arc Flash Mitigation:
Arc flash has been a hot topic in the electrical power world for over a decade and chances are you have had an arc flash study performed in your facility, but what can you do to further decrease the hazard and make your facility safer? Engineer will discuss the methods and solutions available which can drastically decrease arc flash energy. The presentation will include an overview of Arc Flash Hazards and references to requirements in the NFPA-70E, OSHA 1910.29 and NEC. We will review key terms and interruption of an arc flash label, study requirements and then move into methods of reducing the incident energy and redirecting the incident energy via arc resistant construction.

Industrial User Case Studies:
A real-world view of application is a valuable tool in understanding how to make your own power system safer. This session will review how several industrial facilities have leveraged modern technologies and practices to reduce arc flash hazards.

Course Details

  1. Duration: 1 Day(s)

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