Motor Theory

This course provides information on the principles of operation associated with motors and motor components, and the AC/DC theory of operation, including torque, pullout torque, and slip.

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

• Describe the general characteristics of electric motors
• Describe the construction and operation of DC motors
• Identify the types of DC motors
• Describe how DC motors are controlled
• Describe the construction and operation of AC motors
• Identify the types of AC motors
• Describe how AC motors are controlled
• Identify the information on a motor nameplate
• Describe DC and AC motor maintenance activities
• Describe the National Electric Testing Association guidelines for testing motors

This course is designed for electrical maintenance technicians.

Course Details

  1. Course #: EMS-105
  2. Duration: 3 Day(s)
  3. Cost: $2055.0

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