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We offer a wide breadth of training on our products and technologies. You'll find a full list of our training events below, or you can use the filters on the left to find specific events that interest you

FactoryTalk® Historian SE Configuration and Data Collection

This course will provide you with an overview of the various FactoryTalk Historian tools for collecting data. You will learn how to configure a FactoryTalk Historian Site Edition system.

The course also covers how to use Microsoft Excel to create and modify

  • Course #: RS-FTHSEC
    Duration: 4 Day(s)
    Cost: $2090.0

Process Control Fundamentals

This course provides information on the fundamentals of process control and PID loop tuning. Lessons include characteristics of process, criteria for loop response, and controller tuning methods. This course also introduces advanced control methods including cascade and feed

  • Course #: EM-403
    Duration: 4 Day(s)
    Cost: $2475.0

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