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We offer a wide breadth of training on our products and technologies. You'll find a full list of our training events below, or you can use the filters on the left to find specific events that interest you

FactoryTalk® EnergyMetrix Software Configuration in an Energy Monitoring System

With FactoryTalk EnergyMetrix, you can capture, analyze, store, and share energy data across your entire enterprise using a simple Web browser. This makes it easy to distribute the knowledge you need to optimize energy consumption, which can help improve productivity while

  • Course #: FTEM
    Duration: 2 Day(s)
    Cost: $1300.0

FactoryTalk® View ME & PanelView™ Plus Programming

This course is a skill-building course that provides you with the skills necessary to develop FactoryTalk View Machine Edition (ME) applications that run on the next-generation PanelView™ Plus terminals.

This course provides opportunities to work with both the

  • Course #: CCV204
    Duration: 4 Day(s)
    Cost: $2090.0

FactoryTalk® View SE Maintenance and Troubleshooting

This course is intended to provide you with the skills required to diagnose common problems on a FactoryTalk View SE system. You will practice operating and troubleshooting the system through hands-on exercises using FactoryTalk View SE software.

In the class,

  • Course #: CCV206
    Duration: 2 Day(s)
    Cost: $1274.0

FactoryTalk® View SE Programming

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to organize and develop FactoryTalk View Site Edition (SE) applications. This course provides opportunities for you to work with local FactoryTalk View SE applications. During class, you will have the opportunity to practice

  • Course #: CCV207
    Duration: 5 Day(s)
    Cost: $2475.0

What is New in Visualization?

Technological advances have made production data more accessible than ever and this technology is rapidly evolving. McNaughton-McKay is here to help. Join us at one of our Northwest Ohio Branches to learn about what's new in Visualization from Rockwell Automation. This event

  • Duration: 1 Day(s)
    Cost: $0.0

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