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The Safety Benefits of Dialight LED Lighting


The maintenance requirements for conventional lighting technologies like Metal Halide, Fluorescent, and High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) are high. The materials used in these outdated technologies are damaging to the environment and have short lifespans. In industrial operations, poor lighting is a major contributor to slips, trips, falls, and contacts with items and machinery. Industrial LED lighting provides intense, near-daylight illumination with more natural color reproduction, allowing for clear visibility of hazards without the use of auxiliary lighting such as flashlights. Because reliability is vital in tough and hazardous settings, superior vibration resistance, wide operating temperature ranges, and long life are required for harsh environments. LED lighting does not require time to heat up like other lighting technologies. In the event of a power outage, some traditional fixtures can take up to 20 minutes to return to full brightness, posing an additional safety risk. The lifespan of industrial LED lighting is at least three times that of HPS or fluorescent fixtures, lowering the danger of injury that frequent maintenance poses to your workforce. With LED lighting there is no exposure to harmful materials. LED lighting contains no mercury or other hazardous elements that necessitate special handling.

Every day, you rely on your lighting to illuminate your facilities and keep your personnel safe. Choosing low-cost, subpar LED lighting fixtures may appear to be a cost-cutting opportunity today, but it will only result in increased maintenance and safety risks that will cost you more in the long run—exactly the opposite of the benefits that likely prompted you to switch to LED lighting technology in the first place. Dialight is the global leader in industrial LED lighting, with millions of fixtures installed in the harshest conditions on the planet. Their fixtures are subjected to lengthy and stringent testing that significantly exceeds industry standards. Dialight fixtures are developed to endure the stresses of rigorous industrial use. Dialight is the name to remember when it comes to safe, dependable illumination.