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FactoryTalk® Analytics™ DataView Software Provides Real-time Operations Visibility


Your plant's success depends on how much you understand your equipment and its behaviors. To stay in control of your shop floor productivity, you need insight into what’s going on behind the scenes. With daily amount of large equipment data being generated, Rockwell Automation’s FactoryTalk® Analytics™ DataView helps you gain visibility into your equipment’s operation via self-service insights on your line, shop floor, plant, and enterprise faster so you can improve productivity and efficiency without relying on IT or expensive data warehouse infrastructures. With a secure and easy to setup data connection, you can pull data from virtually anywhere in your plant from any point in your equipment’s history.

  • Quickly fuse conflicting data together to generate insights that would otherwise be hidden.
  • Create customizable and interactive storyboards quickly with a drag-and-drop interface.

With FactoryTalk Analytics DataView, you can add context, perform root cause analysis, combine storyboards into a single view, and share with others with an easy-to-use browser-based interface that can be accessed from a desktop, smartphone, or tablet. You can also focus future KPI observations based on historical data using predictive fit algorithms. FactoryTalk Analytics DataView also offers alerts on machine, line, shop, and plant KPIs so you can respond quickly and efficiently. Improved productivity starts with increasing productivity on the shop floor. FactoryTalk Analytics DataView empowers you OT personnel to increase efficiencies, improve productivity, and drive continuous improvement.