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Powerohm PF32R2K40 Allen-Bradley Braking Resistor Improves the Speed Control, Efficiency and Protection of Your Motor Control System


The Powerohm PF32R2K40 Allen-Bradley Braking Resistor is designed to help control the speed of your AC motor by absorbing the energy generated when the motor is decelerating or braking. This braking resistor is commonly used in variable frequency drives (VFDs) and other motor control applications that require precise speed control and protection against overvoltage.

The four top reasons you should use the Powerohm PF32R2K40 Allen-Bradley Braking Resistors are:

  1. Prevent overvoltage: When a motor is decelerating or braking, it generates energy that can cause the voltage in the motor control circuit to rise to dangerous levels. The braking resistor helps dissipate this energy, preventing overvoltage and protecting the motor and other components in the control circuit from damage.
  2. Improves control accuracy: By absorbing the excess energy generated during deceleration or braking, the braking resistor helps ensure that the motor comes to a controlled stop, which can improve control, and accuracy, and reduce wear and tear on the motor.
  3. Enhances system efficiency: The braking resistor can help improve the overall efficiency of the motor control system by reducing energy waste and heat buildup. This can help extend the life of your systems and save energy costs over time.
  4. Easy installation: The PowerOhm PF32R2K40 Allen-Bradley Braking Resistor is designed to be easy to install and integrate into your existing motor control systems. Its compact size and rugged construction make it a reliable and versatile choice for a variety of applications.

Overall, if you're looking to improve the speed control, efficiency, and protection of your motor control system, the Powerohm PF32R2K40 Allen-Bradley Braking Resistor is a great option to consider.