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Why Use Stage & Store Project Management

Posted on Monday Feb 19, 2018

McNaughton-McKay Stage & Store Project Management First, let’s talk about what stage and store means. Simply put, stage and store is when you order materials for your construction project and McNaughton-McKay keeps those materials for you in our warehouse. One of the biggest benefits is that you decide what, when and where your materials get delivered to the job site. ... {Read More}


Posted on Friday Jan 05, 2018 | news,

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The acquisition of The Reynolds Company by McNaughton-McKay Electric Company was completed on January 2, 2018. This transaction creates a multi-region, Top 10 electrical distributor with over 1,300 employees that will serve customers in 41 locations in the Midwest, Southeast and South Central United States.

Effective immediately, McNaughton-McKay Electric Company is expanding their Board of Directors to include Walt Reynolds, COO of McNaughton-McKay Electric Company and President of The Reynolds Company and Donald Reynolds Jr., COO of The Reynolds Company.... {Read More}

Learn the Safe Way to Test the Absence of Voltage with VeriSafe

Posted on Monday Dec 04, 2017 | de-energized, safety, voltage,


Posted on Friday Nov 10, 2017 | press-release,

McNaughton-MCKay Logo MADISON HEIGHTS, Michigan – Nov. 10, 2017 – Leading electrical distribution company McNaughton-McKay Electric Co., headquartered in Madison Heights, Michigan, today announced an agreement, in principle, to acquire Fort Worth, Texas-based The Reynolds Company, subject to regulatory approval and final definitive agreements. Upon completion, the newly-combined company will be a multi-region, Top 10 electrical distributor with more than 1,300 employees serving customers from 41 locations in the Midwest, Southeast and South Central areas of the United States. Each company will retain its leadership structure and existing name; the organizations will operate as two separate companies owned by McNaughton-McKay.... {Read More}

NAED’s Certified Electrical Professional Certification

Posted on Monday Oct 16, 2017 | certified-professionals, naed, training,

CEP Logo The National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) aids electrical distributors with tools, information and assistance to improve the distribution of electrical supplies. One of their main services to distributors is educational opportunities. A program that they have created, in conjunction with The Sales Institute of Florida State University, is the Certified Electrical Professional Certification Programs (CEP).... {Read More}


Posted on Wednesday Sep 13, 2017 | awards, best-of-the-best, marketing,

tED Logo We are excited to announce that McNaughton-McKay was recently recognized by tED magazine, the official publication of the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED), with Best of the Best (BoB) Marketing Awards in the categories of Video and Website.... {Read More}

Hurricane Season is in Full Force: Start with A Safety Checklist

Posted on Friday Sep 08, 2017 | branch-closures, weather-safety,

Hurrican Season As Texas starts to recover from Hurricane Harvey, our southern locations are preparing for Hurricane Irma to make landfall in Florida this weekend. Many islands have already been devastated by this storm, and people are rushing to devise their plans for either weathering or evacuating from Irma.... {Read More}

Do You Know When to Stop for a School Bus?

Posted on Friday Aug 11, 2017 | bus, safety, school,

Do You Know When to Stop for a School Bus? As children begin to head back to school, the topic of safety often becomes part of our conversations. That is especially true for school bus safety. It is sometimes confusing trying to figure out when you can and cannot pass a school bus that is stopped.... {Read More}

Eliminating Invalid Claims and Charge Backs with Video Vision Serialization

Posted on Wednesday Jul 26, 2017 | invalid-claims, serialization, video-vision, warranty,

Eliminating Invalid Claims and Charge Backs with Video Vision Serialization Recently, one of our automotive seat manufacturing customers faced a shipping issue resulting in extensive customer service resources and expensive product replacement costs. Their customer alleged they were receiving seats without head rests. The manufacturer was confident they were shipping completed seats because they had a high-quality error proofing system in place. However, they didn’t have visual proof of the seats leaving the factory and were having issues proving the seats were fully assembled.... {Read More}

Electrical Safety Tips for Summer Time Fun

Posted on Wednesday Jun 21, 2017 | electrical-safety, summer-safety, water-safety,

Electrical Safety Tips for Summer Time Fun There is nothing like relaxing pool side on a hot summer day. As we jump into summer, it’s important to remember that safety should always come first around pools, hot tubs and spas. Without trying to sound morose, it’s important to be aware that wet skin and surfaces greatly increase your chance of electrocution. Anytime you are near or in the water and there is electrical current present, there are risks involved. This summer make electrical safety your number one priority when around water. ... {Read More}

We all love saving money. Why not do it with motor plugs?

Posted on Monday Jun 05, 2017 | disconnect, motors, plugs,

Save Money with Motor Plugs Is Your Plant Using Motors? If it is, you should make sure you are using a switch-rated motor plugs and receptacles. Why you ask? Because when you use them you are effectively getting a disconnect switch for free. This makes them the most cost effective solution for connecting motors and other electrical equipment. Meltric’s Motor Plugs and Receptacles are UL approved for branch circuit disconnect switching and motor circuit disconnect switching. ... {Read More}

McNaughton-McKay Electric Company Signs Distributor Agreement with Universal Robots

Posted on Wednesday May 24, 2017 | cobots, collaborative, press-release, robots,

Collaborative Robots On April 17, 2017, McNaughton-McKay signed an agreement with Universal Robots (UR) to distribute their Collaborative Robots (cobots) in the Georgia, Michigan and Ohio regions. Cobots are a new class of robotics that make robot technology available at every level of manufacturing. They can automate virtually anything and work side by side with their human counterparts without the need for safety caging after risk assessment. Because of their flexibility and affordability, cobots reduce previous obstacles associated with the use of traditional robots making it easier for firms of any size to deploy automation.... {Read More}


Posted on Wednesday Mar 15, 2017 | hmi, ip-address, operator-interface, panelview,

Adhesive 1One of our customers had a recurring issue with a PV+ HMI that would eventually lock up and stop communicating to the PLC after several days. Whenever this would happen, they would cycle power to the HMI and it would come back up and run for several more days until it locked up again. They contacted us for assistance and we reviewed their network architecture layout which included a PV+6 HMI, Stratix5700 managed switch, PowerFlex70 VFD, and several Point IO banks.

... {Read More}


Adhesive 1Welcome back to our four-part series on Video Vision Serialization. After a much too long hiatus, we are ready to tackle the subject of Targeted Repairs using our Video Vision Serialization solution. In the manufacturing world, it is naive to think that you are never going to product defective parts. There are just things too many moving parts to anticipate perfection on a daily basis. However, this is a way for you to avoid isolating shifts or days’ worth of production to find the defective parts.... {Read More}

Have You Ever Wondered Why We Drop “The Ball” in Time Square?

Posted on Friday Dec 30, 2016 | holidays,

New Year CelebrationOn December 31st, millions of people gather to usher in the new year. There are celebrations all around the world that culminate in fireworks at the stroke of midnight. In the United States, the ultimate celebration takes place in New York City’s Time Square. According to an article written in 2013 by Ellen Rolfes of PBS, “The first ball dropped at midnight on New Year’s Eve remains the most famous: the one on top of One Times Square in New York City.” ... {Read More}