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Posted on Friday Jan 11, 2019 | awards, current, events, family, football, time,

Fmaily Time As we move into 2019, we look towards what the year will hold for us. The beginning months of the year may be cold but are seemingly filled with important popular culture events. For many of them, we are huddled around the television to watch for informative purposes as well as entertainment. ... {Read More}

Calling All Last-Minute Shoppers

The Perfect GiftAre you still struggling to find the right gift for that perfect someone? Do you have a hard to buy for person on your list? Maybe you are looking for an “out-of-the-box” idea for a gift.... {Read More}

Hurricane Season is in Full Force: Start with A Safety Checklist

Posted on Friday Sep 08, 2017 | branch-closures, weather-safety,

Hurrican Season As Texas starts to recover from Hurricane Harvey, our southern locations are preparing for Hurricane Irma to make landfall in Florida this weekend. Many islands have already been devastated by this storm, and people are rushing to devise their plans for either weathering or evacuating from Irma.... {Read More}

Do You Know When to Stop for a School Bus?

Posted on Friday Aug 11, 2017 | bus, safety, school,

Do You Know When to Stop for a School Bus? As children begin to head back to school, the topic of safety often becomes part of our conversations. That is especially true for school bus safety. It is sometimes confusing trying to figure out when you can and cannot pass a school bus that is stopped.... {Read More}

Electrical Safety Tips for Summer Time Fun

Posted on Wednesday Jun 21, 2017 | electrical-safety, summer-safety, water-safety,

Electrical Safety Tips for Summer Time Fun There is nothing like relaxing pool side on a hot summer day. As we jump into summer, it’s important to remember that safety should always come first around pools, hot tubs and spas. Without trying to sound morose, it’s important to be aware that wet skin and surfaces greatly increase your chance of electrocution. Anytime you are near or in the water and there is electrical current present, there are risks involved. This summer make electrical safety your number one priority when around water. ... {Read More}

Have You Ever Wondered Why We Drop “The Ball” in Time Square?

Posted on Friday Dec 30, 2016 | holidays,

New Year CelebrationOn December 31st, millions of people gather to usher in the new year. There are celebrations all around the world that culminate in fireworks at the stroke of midnight. In the United States, the ultimate celebration takes place in New York City’s Time Square. According to an article written in 2013 by Ellen Rolfes of PBS, “The first ball dropped at midnight on New Year’s Eve remains the most famous: the one on top of One Times Square in New York City.” ... {Read More}

McNaughton-McKay's Top 10 Holiday Movie Picks

Posted on Monday Dec 19, 2016 | holidays, trivia,

Thanksgiving spreadAs I sat down to write this blog, my plan was to list my favorite Christmas movies. As I started to type my thoughts out, I decided it would be much more fun to do a random, informal survey of my work family. With a little help from Survey Monkey, I threw together one question and listed off 20 or so holiday movies. Within minutes of sending the link out to some of my closest work family, the responses started coming in. I think it was a welcome break from everyone’s hard work and a fun time to think about all the great memories watching movies brings. Many responded directly to me telling me all kinds of fun stories and making sure that I looked at the “other” option. ... {Read More}

Leftover Turkey, What Do You Do With It?

Posted on Wednesday Nov 23, 2016 | leftovers, recipes, thanksgiving, turkey,

Thanksgiving spreadThanksgiving is a time when many of us gather together with family and friends for a delicious meal of turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, corn, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and countless other mouthwatering foods. It is a wonderful occasion to reflect on the year and give thanks for the many blessings in our lives. When everyone is sufficiently stuffed (no pun intended), the inevitable question arises, “What are we going to do with the leftover turkey?” It’s an age-old quandary that every household faces. There are only so many turkey sandwiches and bowls of soup one person can eat before they cry, “UNCLE!”... {Read More}


Posted on Sunday Oct 09, 2016 | election, history,

VotersThe answer dates all the way back to 1787 after the Constitutional Convention. There was much to talk about and organize during that meeting, but one thing our Founding Fathers never got around to was picking a date when elections would be held. Without an official date, states were left to set their own dates for voting which caused decades of chaos in the electorate... {Read More}


Posted on Tuesday Apr 05, 2016 | americana,

Baseball: Opening DaySunday was the official opening day for Major League Baseball (MLB) for the 2016 season. For many people, including me, it is an American holiday. The beginning of baseball season means gone are the cold and dreary days of winter. We welcome in longer days, warmer temperatures, buds on the trees, and flowers blooming. It doesn’t matter what your favorite team did last year, opening day signifies new beginnings and the possibilities that come with having a winning season. ... {Read More}

Do I Really Need A Smart Watch?

Posted on Wednesday Aug 19, 2015

Smart WatchSo let me admit from the start that I am a watch fan and collector. With weekends, sports, work, or for a night on the town, doesn’t everyone need a different watch to match the occasion? OK, maybe not, but one thing I have not added to the collection is a smart watch. I recently ran across an article that I tend to agree with... {Read More}

Calling All College Graduates...

Posted on Monday Jun 08, 2015 | technology, training,

I ran across a post the other the other day that caught my attention, “Study: College Educations Drive U.S. Economic Growth, Including Manufacturing.” As a parent of college aged children, I was intrigued. The main message was about the increase of sophisticated technology that is continuing to move its way into manufacturing facilities across the country.... {Read More}