We are excited to announce that McNaughton-McKay was recently recognized by tED magazine, the official publication of the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED), with Best of the Best (BoB) Marketing Awards in the categories of Video and Website.

What are the Best of the Best Marketing Awards?

tED magazine’s Best of the Best awards program honors marketing excellence and recognizes creativity within the electrical industry for manufacturers and distributors of all sizes in several categories. All entries must be part of a marketing program that was designed and developed in the previous calendar year. For example, McNaughton-McKay’s winning entries were completed in 2016.

What Makes a Winner

Winning GroupEntries are judged on their overall effectiveness and creative impact by an independent panel of marketing and industry professionals from inside and outside the electrical industry. Judges score individual entries based on the same criteria, but not against each other, through a cumulative point system. Once the scoring of a category is completed, all scores are combined to select the winning entries. Awards are presented at NAED’s annual AdVenture Marketing Conference and winners are highlighted in the August print edition of tED Magazine.

For 2017, the award categories included: Brand Awareness, Digital/Social Media Campaign, Event, Integrated Promotional Campaign, Literature/Selling Tool, Print Ad (Single), Print Campaign, Product Launch, Public Relations/Community Outreach, Public Relations/ Corporate, Publication, Video, and Website.

Video Category

Holiday Video tED magazine describes this category as: A single video or related series of videos that are created for a specific marketing or public relation purpose to promote a company and its services.

2016 McNaughton-McKay Holiday Greeting Card – Video Category Winning Submission

We couldn’t think of a better way to show our appreciation and celebrate the intricacy of what we do daily, than creating a Holiday Card in the spirit of a Rube Goldberg Machine. Rube Goldberg was an American cartoonist and inventor who was well known for portraying complex contraptions that performed simple tasks in indirect, convoluted ways. A Rube Goldberg machine is deliberately over-engineered, which in the world of industrial automation is very relatable.

As the holiday season approached, we contracted a local video company, CVMedia – Northville, MI to assist us in creating our vision. The finished project was a fun and spirited 40 second animated video card. The Holiday Card was posted to our YouTube page and emailed to customers via our CRM system.

From the BoB judges: “This video leaves us feeling that McNaughton-McKay really understands its target audience. We see how it hits the right tone for the technically inclined customers and, because it’s so interesting to watch, is fun for everyone else too.”

CVMedia has also been recognized with Gold in the 2016 Horizon Interactive Awards for the category of "Email - E-Card" for their work on our Rube Goldberg Holiday Greeting Card video.

Website Category

Winning Website - WATTsontED Magazine describes this category as: New websites, specific campaigns or a website redesign.

McNaughton-McKay WATTson (Employee Intranet) - Website Category Submission Winner

In addition to being the dashboard for all the typical employee information like HR forms, we had a vision that our new intranet platform would also create a more interactive, social media-like experience for our employees. Our team partnered with Rightpoint – Royal Oak, MI to develop this new experience which included new, visually interesting employee-focused content. Our formal launch was held in June of 2016.

From the BoB judges: “The new site does a good job of facilitating communication between the branches, which can be difficult to accomplish. This site should help build a sense of community within and among the branches and with the organization as a whole.”

We were very pleased to be recognized with these awards, and would like to thank each member of the McNaughton-McKay team who contributed to these two projects, as well as our partners, CVMedia and RightPoint.


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