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McNaughton-McKay Launches New Website

Posted on Wednesday Jul 15, 2015 | ecommerce, technology, website,

McNaughton-McKay is pleased to announce our new web site. We recognize the importance of the many ways customers want to gather, search and process information. One way to do that is through the traditional methods of catalogs and phone calls, and we will always offer those avenues. We value our daily interpersonal interactions with customers, and will communicate with you however best fits your style. Yet, as the world becomes more ingrained in doing business on the web, we needed to upgrade our web presence to better serve you.... {Read More}

Calling All College Graduates...

Posted on Monday Jun 08, 2015 | technology, training,

I ran across a post the other the other day that caught my attention, “Study: College Educations Drive U.S. Economic Growth, Including Manufacturing.” As a parent of college aged children, I was intrigued. The main message was about the increase of sophisticated technology that is continuing to move its way into manufacturing facilities across the country.... {Read More}