Case Studies

Select a case study that provides a window into industry solutions for automation, process control and project management. The studies include information about objectives, strategies, challenges, results and suggestions.

Obsolete Light Curtains Were Causing a Sourcing and Safety Issue for Shingle Manufacturer

Posted on Thursday Jun 07, 2018 | curtains, light, migration, safety,

Museum Lighting Project The manufacturer faced an issue with their current light curtains being obsolete. The equipment was so old they could no longer find a source for what was installed. They needed competitive pricing to what they had been purchasing as well as someone that could review their applications, wiring and devise a solution. They could no longer find a source to sell them their light curtains because they were obsolete. This caused a large problem for them because it interfered with operating their production lines safely and effectively. ... {Read More}

Re-Lamping of Casting Manufacturing Facility Results in Reduced Energy Costs and Increase in Parts Inspection Efficiency

Museum Lighting Project The T8 lamps that were currently installed in the factory needed to be replaced frequently. This slowed down production and hindered parts inspection. The manufacturer was looking to upgrade their lighting either with completely new fixtures or a LED re-lamping in current fixtures. ... {Read More}


Posted on Tuesday Apr 10, 2018 | bulbs, incandescent, lamps, led, lighting, lights, roi,

Museum Lighting Project The museum was looking for a better way to light their artwork than the existing incandescent lamps. The incandescent lamps needed to be replaced frequently which required a great deal of time by maintenance personnel. With the amount of inventory that needed to be kept on hand by the museum, the museum incurred high stock and maintenance costs. ... {Read More}

Beverage Manufacturer Obtains Successful Government Safety Regulation Fulfillment

Posted on Friday Feb 09, 2018

Bottling ManufacturerThe beverage manufacturer wanted to upgrade their work place safety and be in compliance with government regulations. Management wanted a greater emphasis placed on getting a program that was consistent throughout their enterprise. They wanted their employees to know that they cared about their safety and wanted them to have job satisfaction.... {Read More}


Posted on Monday Oct 02, 2017 | video,

Video VisionThe distributor was having issues with customers receiving the proper shipment of parts and quantities. Customers were getting upset with the accuracy of their shipments. It was having an adverse impact on the distributor’s credibility. It was also having a negative impact on profitability because the distributor was having to re-ship merchandise that they believed the customer had already received.... {Read More}

Pulp and Paper Machine Builder Creates Safety System That Streamlines Machine Design and Protects Workers

Posted on Wednesday Jul 26, 2017

Paper and Pulp Covers Individual toilet paper and paper towel rolls are cut from a gigantic spool of paper that winds around a cardboard core. On average, they weigh 100 pounds and are 16 inches in diameter. Each cardboard cylinder can carry a roll of paper up to 30 feet in circumference. The cylinders are reused by paper manufacturers because of the high costs associated with disposal and replacement. Saving these cylinders is difficult and can create a safety hazard. Manufacturers stop short of using the entire spool of paper to avoid damaging the machine and exposing them to a rigid core. What is left on the cylinder can weigh upwards of 300 pounds and must be removed for recycling.... {Read More}