Case Studies

Select a case study that provides a window into industry solutions for automation, process control and project management. The studies include information about objectives, strategies, challenges, results and suggestions.

Asset Management Services Bring Organization to Disjointed Storeroom

Storage Organization The customer needed help to move and organize their storeroom. Their maintenance store room had been neglected over the years. Either the spare parts that were inventoried weren’t the correct ones or were obsolete. They also had multiple vendors on the shelves for the same part number. This was costing them time and money. The solution they were looking for needed to include a plan that freed-up employees’ time, increased efficiency and didn’t add headcount. ... {Read More}

Obsolete Light Curtains Were Causing a Sourcing and Safety Issue for Shingle Manufacturer

Posted on Thursday Jun 07, 2018 | curtains, light, migration, safety,

Museum Lighting Project The manufacturer faced an issue with their current light curtains being obsolete. The equipment was so old they could no longer find a source for what was installed. They needed competitive pricing to what they had been purchasing as well as someone that could review their applications, wiring and devise a solution. They could no longer find a source to sell them their light curtains because they were obsolete. This caused a large problem for them because it interfered with operating their production lines safely and effectively. ... {Read More}

Re-Lamping of Casting Manufacturing Facility Results in Reduced Energy Costs and Increase in Parts Inspection Efficiency

Museum Lighting Project The T8 lamps that were currently installed in the factory needed to be replaced frequently. This slowed down production and hindered parts inspection. The manufacturer was looking to upgrade their lighting either with completely new fixtures or a LED re-lamping in current fixtures. ... {Read More}

Beverage Manufacturer Obtains Successful Government Safety Regulation Fulfillment

Posted on Friday Feb 09, 2018

Bottling ManufacturerThe beverage manufacturer wanted to upgrade their work place safety and be in compliance with government regulations. Management wanted a greater emphasis placed on getting a program that was consistent throughout their enterprise. They wanted their employees to know that they cared about their safety and wanted them to have job satisfaction.... {Read More}

Synthetic Emulsion Polymers Plant - Process: Case Study

Posted on Monday Mar 20, 2017

PolymerA synthetic emulsion polymers company that offers a diverse line of water-based emulsions including acrylic and styrene-acrylic latexes. They serve domestic and international customers with an extensive product line of water-based polymers. They have a strong corporate focus on customer care, product development, and flexible manufacturing. This privately held specialty chemical company is dedicated to innovation, quality, service, and sustainability. The company offers a diverse line of emulsion polymers which include acrylic, nitrile, styrene-acrylic, styrene-butadiene, vinyl acetate, vinyl acrylic, vinyl acetate-ethylene, and rheology modifiers.... {Read More}


Posted on Tuesday Jun 09, 2015 | controls, plantpax, wastewater,

Waste Water Controls A major U.S. city’s water treatment facility needed to standardize, integrate and upgrade their control system while controlling capital expenditures and manage system life cycles. The issues the city faced were that all of the sewer overflow basins’ process control systems were dissimilar and the original manufacturer no longer provided support. By using the Rockwell Automation PlantPAx™ process automation system, we were able to achieve our customer’s objectives and help protect the city’s water quality.... {Read More}