Asset Management Services Bring Organization to Disjointed Storeroom

Storage Organization Cost reductions and efficiency improvements by aligning the procurement, management and repair of repairable parts, spare parts and consumable parts under one umbrella contract

Producer of hard alloy extrusions for the aerospace industry.

The customer needed help to move and organize their storeroom. Their maintenance store room had been neglected over the years. Either the spare parts that were inventoried weren’t the correct ones or were obsolete. They also had multiple vendors on the shelves for the same part number. This was costing them time and money. The solution they were looking for needed to include a plan that freed-up employees’ time, increased efficiency and didn’t add headcount.

The company was having difficulty finding someone to fix their storeroom problem. They knew there were issues, but were unable to hire anyone qualified to provide a solution. With the maintenance storeroom disorganization, there was an increase in lack of viable spare parts, and they were struggling to meet production schedules. This resulted in a loss of customer satisfaction because they could not ship their products on time.

McNaughton-McKay worked with Rockwell Automation’s Customer Support and Maintenance Groups to identify what needed to be changed with the storeroom layout, procurement procedures and their business system. We proposed a maintenance storeroom solution that included a Storeroom Manager (SRM) from Rockwell Automation. This person would be onsite to help the customer with their systems and processes. Several candidates, who could hit the ground running, were selected for the customer to interview. While SRM works for Rockwell Automation, they function daily as an employee of the hard alloy extrusion company, attending all production, maintenance and reliability meetings. In addition, the manager:

  • Coordinates all component remanufacturing and repair functions including tracking repair status and location
  • Manages and reviews stock orders as needed to ensure only necessary spares are ordered
  • Monitors and performs expedite services as needed
  • Executes cycle counting as needed

Benefits were seen immediately. A specific instance developed from the age of the CMMS System the customer was using. The system is not user-friendly and currently the customer only has one first-shift employee that has access to view where spare parts are in the storeroom. The SRM realized quickly the difficulty faced when the attended is not working to find parts. An extra computer was placed outside the storeroom that had a copy of all inventory located in the storeroom. For employees that aren’t computer savvy, a hard copy inventory list was placed next to the computer. This provides all employees the ability to look up needed parts and where they are located making everyone’s lives easier. This project was completed in May of 2018, and as time goes on is sure to show cost savings for the company and a quick return on their investment.

Rockwell Automation CSM, Storeroom and Reliability Services