Beverage Manufacturer Obtains Successful Government Safety Regulation Fulfillment

Bottling Manufacturer Rockwell Services Solution Achieves Employee Safety and Government Compliance

A large beverage manufacturer that has global reach. They are one of the world’s largest beverage distributors and average over a billion servings a day.

The beverage manufacturer wanted to upgrade their work place safety and be in compliance with government regulations. Management wanted a greater emphasis placed on getting a program that was consistent throughout their enterprise. They wanted their employees to know that they cared about their safety and wanted them to have job satisfaction.

The manufacturer wanted to maintain a safe work place for their employees and keep up with government work place safety mandates. They faced problems with consistent, complete and competitive pricing on their service requirements. Their main priorities were safety and compliance.

A Rockwell Automation service solution was proposed that provided consistency in the deliverables throughout the enterprise and the majority of their plants nation-wide. A three-year contract for Rockwell services was signed, which included ArcFlash remediation and maintenance, that touched plants on a rotating basis bringing them into compliance with safety regulations and updating old and inaccurate drawings of their facilities.

The services solution that was implemented provided a consistent deliverable throughout the enterprise that met or exceeded government requirements. The manufacturer saw benefit in lower insurance costs and employee accidents. The revolving maintenance service plan keeps records and compliance up to date. McNaughton-McKay is now the preferred Safety Solution provider with numerous Lock-Out/Tag-Out contracts for multiple facilities.


  • Rockwell Services
  • ArcFlash
  • Lock-Out/Tag-Out

Posted on Friday Feb 09, 2018