Video Vision Ensuring Shipping Accuracy with Video Packaging System.

Multistate wholesale distributor of industrial and commercial products.

The distributor was having issues with customers receiving the proper shipment of parts and quantities. Customers were getting upset with the accuracy of their shipments. It was having an adverse impact on the distributor’s credibility. It was also having a negative impact on profitability because the distributor was having to re-ship merchandise that they believed the customer had already received.

Customer service is of the highest priority to the distributor and anything that negatively impacts their reputation they treat with great seriousness. While their current processes were highly reliable, there was something missing and they couldn’t have a productive conversation with customers about shipping and receiving accuracy. They had the correct process but didn’t have visual proof.

They needed a solution that would give them and their customers peace-of-mind that products were being shipped and received accurately. With the additional costs of duplicate shipments, something needed to be corrected with the way things were being done.

The distributor was having shipment issues. While they believed, they were shipping the right products and quantities, customers were reporting that their shipment had either not arrived or didn’t have the correct parts or quantities in the box.

Even though the distributor had solid processes, shipment procedures, trained employees and bar-code scan logs in place it was virtually impossible to prove that they had shipped the correct items. They needed McNaughton-McKay to come up with a solution using video evidence that would show their customers that they were providing accurate shipments.

The distributor wanted to be able to combine their bar-code scan information with video evidence so they could share it with customers to prove that the shipment was correct when it left the facility. If the video evidence showed there was indeed a shipment issue, the distributor could remedy the situation and use it as a teaching moment for employees.

The distributor’s operations team worked in conjunction with McNaughton-McKay’s Vision and Traceability Group (VTG) to design and implement the Video Vision Serialization packing video recording system. This new system would be an additional support system to show the entire packaging and shipment process. The materials being boxed for shipment would not only be scanned but there would be visual imaging of what was going into the box.

Within the first year, there were over 100 shipping error claims shown to have been shipped correctly. This saved the company money but even more importantly increased customer confidence. The project was so well received that the distributor is planning to roll out the video packaging solution in two of their other facilities.


  • McNaughton-McKay VTG
  • Aimetis Symphony – Video Management Software and Analytics
  • Bosch and Samsung IP Based Cameras
  • Dynics – Servers and Industrial Monitors
  • Peterson Electric – Camera Mounting and Network Runs
  • Hirschmann/Garrettcom – Switch Hardware

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