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McNaughton-McKay featured product articles.

Fluke TiX560 Expert Series Infrared Cameras

Posted on Sunday Jun 14, 2015 | camera, fluke, infrared, meters,

The Fluke TiX560 has the largest 5.7 inch touchscreen LCD on the market for a 320x240 IR camera. Its easy target navigation with a 180° rotating lens and LaserSharp® Auto Focus lets you instantly capture an in-focus image.... {Read More}

Dialight Announces Highest Efficiency LED Fixture on the Market

Posted on Sunday Jun 14, 2015 | dialight, fixtures, led, lighting, savings, vigilant,

The Dialight Vigilant® H2 Series LED High Bay has just been released by Dialight and is the highest efficiency LED fixture on the market. It is constructed to be compact and lightweight and fits any industrial application where you are looking to reduce energy consumption and improve light levels over more than a 10 year period... {Read More}

Greenlee End Stripper Adapter

Posted on Sunday Jun 14, 2015 | aluminum, cable, greenlee, saber,

If you’ve ever had to use a knife to strip cable, you knowthat cuts come with the territory. You also know that no two cables are ever stripped at the same depth. More times than you like to admit your knife has made contact with the conductor when you are stripping... {Read More}

Developing a Migration Plan That Works for You

Posted on Tuesday Apr 28, 2015 | lifecycle, migration,

Change is never easy, and when it comes to your control systems, you have too much invested to take those changes lightly. When the time comes to upgrade your existing equipment, you need a partner who understands your industry and will help you develop a plan based on your application needs and goals. McNaughton-McKay will work with you to develop a plan that allows you to migrate all at once, or in phases, at a pace that makes the most sense for your application and budget.... {Read More}

OutBack Power Renewable Energy Systems

Posted on Tuesday Apr 28, 2015

OutBack Power is the leading manufacturer of advanced power electronics for renewable energy, back-up power and mobile applications. They manufacturer reliable power electronics for solar, wind, micro-hydro and battery based energy systems. OutBack’s products work in numerous market segments: residential, commercial, industrial and government facilities.... {Read More}

Panduit PanelMax

Posted on Tuesday Apr 28, 2015

Does your facility have noise from drives, power supplies, and inductive load switching that is adversely affecting your systems efficiency and uptime? Is this noise interfering with analog signals, industrial network transmissions and PLC programs? If you answered yes to these questions, Panduit has an offering that can route, separate and shield sensitive wiring from noise emission.... {Read More}

Rockwell Automation PanelView 800

Posted on Tuesday Apr 28, 2015

The PanelView 800 family of graphic terminals gives machine builders simplified engineering, easy configuration, faster installation and reduced start-up time. It is perfect for meeting control and visualization requirements in simple, standalone applications such as pump stations, packaging machines, labelers and stretch-wrap machines. ... {Read More}