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Dynics Has the Large Format Display to Fit Every Need

Posted on Friday Sep 14, 2018 | displays, industrial, led, widescreen,

Dynics Large Format DisplaysDynics, based in Ann Arbor, MI, manufacturers industrial interactive product solutions. Their large format displays offer a wide variety of products that range in size from 32” to 98”. These industrial grade displays are a great alternative to traditional TV screens.... {Read More}

Stop Installing HID Fixtures and You will Save Energy and Maintenance Costs

Posted on Friday Sep 07, 2018 | bays, hid, high, led,

Holophane Phuzion LED fixtures in a gymnasiumWhat happens when you install Holophane’s Phuzion PHLZ LED High Bays over traditional HID fixtures? You use 50% less energy. If you include integrated photocontrols your energy savings will be boosted even more. ... {Read More}

Panduit PanelMax

Posted on Thursday Aug 30, 2018

Does your facility have noise from drives, power supplies and inductive load switching that is adversely affecting your system's efficiency and uptime? Is this noise interfering with analog signals, industrial network transmissions and PLC programs? If you answered yes to these questions, Panduit has an offering that can route, separate and shield sensitive wiring from noise emission.... {Read More}

Zebra’s 3600 Series Provides Barcode Scanning in Any Environment

Posted on Friday Aug 24, 2018 | 1d-imaging, 2d-imaging, barcode, scanner,

Zebra 3600 scannerThe Zebra 3600 scanner is designed to work in the toughest conditions. Your business needs accurate information when checking materials in and out. Your ability to deliver the right products to the right customers on-time depends on being able to capture barcode information quickly and accurately all-day long.... {Read More}

You Can Have Integration Motion and EtherNet/IP Together With Rockwell Automation’s Kinetix 6500 Servo Drive

Posted on Friday Aug 17, 2018 | control, drives, integrated, motion, motors, servo,

Kinetix 6500 Servo DriveIf you are a machine or equipment builder, you are challenged to make smaller, more complex equipment in a shorter design cycle and at a lower price point. Using a Rockwell Automation Kinetix® motion solution can provide you a single development platform that will result in less design time and cabinet space with improved power density and efficiency.... {Read More}

Is the Universal Robot UR5 in Your Future?

Posted on Friday Aug 10, 2018 | cobots, collaborative, robots,

CapatibilityThe UR5 is perfect to help you optimize low-weight collaborative processes such as: picking, placing and testing. It is lightweight, flexible collaborative robot that allows the automation of repetitive and dangerous tasks with payloads up to 11lbs. Collaborative robots (cobots) work along-side humans. Following a risk assessment, your cobots can operate next to your employees without safety caging. The UR5 cobot’s working radius of up to 33.5 inches, puts everything within your reach. Universal Robots’ UR5 offers one of the fastest paybacks in the robotics industry. It is easy to setup, program, and fits essentially any application. Robotic automation is no longer out of reach for any company. Universal Robots are also available in the UR3 and UR10 models, accommodating all your job needs.... {Read More}

eWon Flexy 205 from HMS is the IIoT Gateway and Remote Access Router for Machine Builders

Posted on Friday Aug 03, 2018 | builders, gateway, iiot, machine,

eWon Flexy 205Machine Builders now can monitor and collect KPIs for analysis and predictive maintenance with the eWON Flexy 205, an advanced internet data gateway. The Flexy 205 is a modular Internet Gateway with a built-in web interface, scripting and enhanced internet connectivity for your IoT deployment. Making it easier to troubleshoot your remote industrial equipment using its VPN Remote Access capabilities.... {Read More}

Light Every Corner with RABs LED Wallpacks

Posted on Friday Jul 27, 2018 | led, lighting, outdoor, wallpacks,

RAB LED WallpacksRAB Lighting’s high efficiency LED wallpacks deliver over 15,000 lumens and have a 100,000-hour LED lifespan. With Design Lighting Consortium (DLC) models available, you have access to utility rebates that will help increase your bottom line. ... {Read More}

You Can Have Control of Your Equipment Data With ProSoft’s OPC UA Gateway

Posted on Friday Jul 20, 2018 | ethernet/ip, iiot, modbus,

ProSoft OPC UA GatewayAre you wondering how you can collect important data from your equipment to use in your facility operations? ProSoft Technology’s OPC UA-based module gives you a way to connect to your hardware via three protocols: OPC UA, EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP/IP.... {Read More}

Save Time and Lighten Your Tool Belt with Klein’s Hybrid Pliers

Posted on Friday Jul 13, 2018 | crimper, pliers, wire-stripper,

Klein Hybrid PliersWith the Klein Tools hybrid pliers, you can strip, cut, twist, shear and crimp with only one tool. These pliers are full-length giving you the cutting power for use on hard wire because of their induction hardened knives and high-leverage design. ... {Read More}

The Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 750 Series of AC Drives From Rockwell Automation Provides Control, Safety and Easy Communication

Posted on Friday Jul 06, 2018 | ac, drives, ethernet, him,

Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 750 seriesThe Allen-Bradley® PowerFlex® 750 series of AC drives offers more control, communications, safety and hardware options than any other drives in their class to help you maximize productivity. These drives are built on a common platform using the same power structure and control to extend the power range and provide a common user experience.... {Read More}

Test Circuits with Hubbell Twist-Lock® Testers

Posted on Friday Jun 29, 2018 | circuit, connector, receptacle, safety, tester,

Hubbell Twist-Lock TestersYou can easily test a circuit’s condition using the Hubbell Twist-Lock® Tester. It is essential to know if power is present in any receptacle or connector so that your employees are protected from electrical shock or worse. ... {Read More}

Appleton’s Mercmaster™ LED Low Profile Luminaire is the Industrial Fixture of Choice

Posted on Thursday Jun 21, 2018 | led, lighting, luminaire,

Mercmaster LEDLED lighting continues to improve with Appleton’s Mercmaster™ LED Low Profile Luminaire. It’s the fixture of choice for a wide range of industrial applications and other areas where flammable gas vapors are present as well as marine and wet locations. With 3 light available outputs, replacing HID fixtures up to 150 watts is easy. They have lower weight, slimmer profile, smaller diameter and a robust design. Plus, no heat dissipation fins are required. They are perfectly suited for low mounting heights of 15 feet or less. The fixture is compatible with Appleton’s traditional line of Mercmaster III HID Mounting Hoods. This allows for a variety of mounting styles including: wall, 90-degree stanchion, 25-degree stanchion, ceiling, pendant and pendant cone. ... {Read More}

AMCI’s NR25 Networked Rotary Encoder Provides Flexibility and Cost Savings

Posted on Friday Jun 15, 2018 | encoder, ethernet/ip, plc,

Dialight Area LightWhat is the NR25 Networked Rotary Encoder from Advanced Micro Controls Inc. (AMCI)? Simply put it is a rotary encoder plus a network interface. It is comprised of a non-contact sensor, oversized bearings and O-ring seals. The non-contact sensor allows for no plastic gears or sensitive optics. With oversized bearings you realize superior axial and shaft lading. ... {Read More}

Dialight Area Lighting is Efficient, Functional and Dependable

Posted on Friday Jun 08, 2018 | area, led, outdoor-lighting,

Dialight Area LightDialight’s Area Light is efficient, functional and dependable. It performs well in a wide range of applications and environments. With their exclusive purpose-built power supply, your area lighting will have low maintenance without sacrificing quality. There is a significant time and cost savings benefit that comes with the installation of these area lights. ... {Read More}