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How to Choose the Right Cable for Your Variable Frequency Drives

Posted on Thursday Nov 16, 2017 | powerflex, vfd, vfd-cables,

How are your connection your Allen-Bradley PowerFlex Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) to motors? Are you using THHN in pipe? Are you using shielded tray cable? Are you using motor supply cable? If you answered yes to any of these questions you might want to consider this. VFD cables from Belden offer greater performance over THHN because of the industrial grade insulation within the cable which results in a more reliable cable. VFD cables have a better shielding system that provides better protection for motors, bearings and drives.... {Read More}

Reduce the risk of exposure to electrical hazards for improved worker Safety with Panduit VeriSafe™

Posted on Sunday Nov 12, 2017 | de-energized, safety, voltage,

VerisafeWhen servicing electrical equipment, workers must comply with safety regulations that require a voltage verification test to validate the absence of voltage. This process includes many stages that can be complex, time-consuming, and dangerous when using hand‐held electrical test equipment. ... {Read More}


Posted on Friday Nov 03, 2017 | labels, printers, qwerty,

Brady label printerWhether you’re working in voice and data, electrical, facility and safety, lean identification or laboratory identification, Brady’s BMP51 is made to get your job done. Printing and label creation are faster than ever before.... {Read More}


Posted on Friday Oct 27, 2017

Rockwell Automation PanelviewThe PanelView 800 terminals are offered in 4”, 7”, and 10” sizes in landscape and portrait applications. This provides a benefit in your application design because it allows you to save space and the flexibility of where you want to install the terminal. Your applications can be developed using the Connected Components Software. It functions as a single software to program the Micro800 Controllers and configure the PowerFlex 4 drive and Kinetic Motion devices. ... {Read More}

Jan Fan Air Circulators Keep You Cool, Safe and Reduce Maintenance

Posted on Friday Oct 20, 2017 | air-circulator, fan-blades, fans,

Jan FansJan Fan is a true air circulator specialist. If you have an industrial need for fans, Jan Fan is a great choice for a heavy-duty fan. You can select from 20, 24 and 30 inch fans with a full range of replacement parts and accessories. Jan Fan provides you with helpful features that keep you safe and save time. The safety yellow color of the fans is for high visibility in your facility. ... {Read More}

HMS Anybus Wireless Bridge with Robust Wireless Connection to Industrial Devices

Posted on Thursday Oct 12, 2017 | anybus, bridge, wireless,

The HMS Anybus Wireless Bridge is a robust wireless gateway that enables you to get industrial strength connection via Bluetooth or WLAN. The wireless bridge can be used whenever cables are not desirable to connect devices in hard to reach places or hazardous locations. The devices are IP-65 rated making them ideal for harsh industrial environments. The most common use is establishing a connection in industrial networks, but they can also be used as an access point connection for up to seven different slaves. You can create a wireless connection up to 400 meters between most industrial Ethernet networks including: Profinet, EnterNet/IP, Modbus TCP and BACnet IP.... {Read More}

Protect Your Wire and Cables with Hubbell’s Surface Raceway Systems

Posted on Saturday Oct 07, 2017 | conduit, metallic, non-metallic, raceway,

Hubbell’s Surface Raceway SystemsA raceway system helps to protect your wires and cables heat, humidity, corrosion, water intrusion and general physical threats. The channels can be mounted on walls, desks or other surface areas concealing wires and cables making areas neat and easy to maintain. They are one of the handiest cable management tools. Hubbell’s raceway systems are available in steel, aluminum and non-metallic, single or multi-channel raceways. ... {Read More}

Leviton Decora Smart With WIFI is Automation for Your Home

Posted on Friday Sep 29, 2017 | controls, lighting, wifi,

Leviton Decora SmartDon’t you want the ability to choose the best device based on your application and mobile device preferences? Leviton has the perfect solution for your home automation with the flexibility to choose your technology. Leviton’s Decora Smart with WIFI features five devices that include in-wall dimmers, switches and plug-in modules for appliances and lamps that support LED and incandescent lamps with multi-way capabilities. ... {Read More}

Greenlee LS100L11A Battery Powered Punch Tool Saves You Time and Money

Posted on Thursday Sep 14, 2017

Greenlee LS100L11AGreenlee’s LS100L11A kit features the LS100 punch tool, a 120-volt battery and charger and a carrying case. If you are like other electricians, you probably spend a lot of time threading punches on and off of draw studs and wish it wasn’t so tedious and time consuming wrestling with punches and draw studs that are rusty and cross threaded. The LS100 will get you punching holes up to three times faster than standard threaded knockouts. The secret is in the no thread design. The punch slides onto the draw stud and the speed lock secures it in place making it the fastest knockout punch system on the market. This system is extremely strong and can withstand over 40,000 pounds of punching force. ... {Read More}

Increase Productivity with Guardmaster® 440R-ENETR EtherNet/IP™ Network Interface Using Real-Time Diagnostics

Posted on Thursday Sep 14, 2017 | ethernet-ip, relays, safety,

Guardmaster® 440R-ENETR EtherNet/IP™ Network InterfaceUsing Rockwell Automation’s Guardmaster 440R-ENETR EtherNet/IP Network Interface gives you seamless communication on an Ethernet/IP network because the safety relays are embedded with optical bus technology. When you collect information using the EtherNet/IP interface you minimize unplanned downtime and increase startup efficiencies. ... {Read More}

Electrical safety demands a precise answer to the question “Is voltage present?”

Posted on Thursday Sep 07, 2017 | loto, nfpa70e, voltage-indicator,

Grace Engineered Products Voltage IndicatorKeeping personnel away from live voltage is foundational to electrical safety. Thru-door voltage indicators provide visibility of voltage from outside the enclosure without exposing personnel to voltage. Workers performing mechanical LOTO must isolate electrical energy. An externally-mounted voltage detector provides a means to check voltage inside an electrical panel. Without a voltage indicator, a mechanic performing mechanical LOTO would be required to work in tandem with an electrician using a voltmeter to physically verify voltage inside an electrical panel. In this case, the electrician is exposed to voltage. With thru-door voltage detectors, the mechanic can verify zero electrical energy without any exposure to voltage.... {Read More}

RF IDeas pcProx® Plus Reader Increases Efficiency for Better Operational Workflow

Posted on Wednesday Aug 30, 2017

The RF IDeas pcProx Plus is a cutting-edge card reader that combines proximity and contactless technologies into one reader. It’s a desktop reader that is capable of reading both 125 kHz proximity cards and 13.56 MHz contactless cards. This reader eliminates the need for manual entry and provides error-free identification and security throughout your facilities. The pcProx Plus allows you to use your building access card or any 125 kHz or 13.56 MHz tags/labels for other forms of identification. The reader can be configured to add keystrokes and commands before or after the card’s data.... {Read More}

Nidec-Shimpo’s Rotary Indexer Easily Mounts on any Servomotor

Posted on Friday Aug 25, 2017 | gearbox, rotary, servomotor,

NIDEC-SHIMP's Rotary IndexerNidec-Shimpo’s STR Series is an off-set hollow bore rotary gearbox indexing product that is used in a variety of robotic handling applications. The STR Series can handle applications that require larger overall torque carrying capacity with a greater need for finer levels of precision. This solution for ultra-high precision obtains accuracy down to 20 arc-seconds. It allows applications to reach minor backlash, maintain excellent rigidity, and maximize control stability so the desired output motion can be easily achieved. ... {Read More}

IPDisplays LED and LCD Displays Save Time and Money

Posted on Friday Aug 18, 2017 | displays, lcd-displays, led-displays,

IPDisplaysIPDisplays manufacturs smart LED and LCD signage. You can use their products in a variety of applications and industries where immediate, real-time feedback to management is needed to enhance operations, productivity, improve customer service and inform employees. The smart visual displays and digital signage are unique because they are driven by software that allows them to process and display information from a variety of sources without the aid of middleware or a server... {Read More}

Future-Perfect Solar Energy by OutBack Power

Posted on Friday Aug 11, 2017 | inverters, off-grid, solar,

OutBack SystemEdgeWhere is solar really going these days? Do you wonder what will happen if the utility companies change their rules? Have you been considering going solar but are worried the incentives won’t always be available? What if you need to start small and expand later? OutBack Power has the solution for future-perfect solar energy in the Radian Inverter Family with GridZero Technology. GridZero Technology lets you use your renewable energy instead of selling back to the grid.... {Read More}