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Make Solar Stronger™: IronRidge XR Rail Family

Posted on Friday Jul 15, 2016 | solar, solar-array, solar-rails,

IronRidge XR RailHave you considered putting solar panels on your roof at home or office? If so, is it a concern you’re your roof may become damaged from the weight of the solar array? The other question you might have is can I simply put a solar array on my roof because of the pitch? And, what about the fact that I live where it snows and the weather isn’t ideal for solar? The IronRidge XR Rail forms the backbone of a solar array – whether used in a pitched roof, flat roof, or ground-based solar installation. ... {Read More}

Want to Know how Hammond Sentinel G Distribution Transformers can Save you Time and Money?

Posted on Friday Jul 08, 2016 | distribution-transformers, doe, transformers,

Hammond Sentinel G Distribution TransformersWhen looking for a distribution transformer would you like to be able to buy one that has more pre-installed standard features and can save you time and money in labor costs and extra parts? Of course you do. Hammond’s Sentinel® G distribution transformers do just that. They also meet the new DOE efficiency standards that went into effect on January 1 of this year. If you have an application that requires a transformer that is rated for 600 volts and below the HPS Sentinel® G general purpose distribution transformer is perfect for you to use when supplying appliance, lighting, heating, motorized machine and power loads from electrical distribution systems.... {Read More}

With the PowerFlex 527 Rockwell Automation is Putting a New Spin on Motor Control

Posted on Friday Jul 01, 2016

Rockwell Automation PowerFlex 527Have you ever considered programing a PowerFlex Drive like you do a Kinetix based Servo Drive? Rockwell Automation’s PowerFlex 527 is the first drive exclusively designed with Studio5000 and the Logix based architecture. It is an ideal AC drive to complement machines already using Kinetix servo drives. It features a built-in dual port for EtherNet/IP hardwired or networked safety. Using Studio 5000 software, the configuration and programming experience saves start up time, and delivers a coordinated and synchronized machine. It’s an ideal complement is a CompactLogix, ControlLogix or GuardLogix. It comes with dual port Ethernet that supports automatic device configuration.... {Read More}

Bussmann’s High Speed Compact Fuses Use 48% Less Enclosure Space

Posted on Thursday Jun 23, 2016

Bussman HSCFHigh speed fuses are current-limiting devices. This means they reduce the prospective short-circuit current, and destructive thermal and mechanical forces in equipment to an acceptable level. High speed fuses are mainly for protecting semiconductors from short-circuits. Power semiconductors protected by high speed fuses are used in many applications: AC drives, DC drives, traction, soft starters, solid state relays, electrolysis, induction furnaces and inverters. The power source for these may be supplied by the grid, local generator or batteries. With Bussmann’s compact high speed fuses, you use 48% less enclosure space which reduces the overall size of your power conversion equipment.... {Read More}

One Source for Comprehensive Lighting Solutions

Posted on Friday Jun 17, 2016 | audits, energy-saving, lighting,

McNaughton-McKay Lighting AuditWe are all trying to find ways to save money. Right? One way that you can help your company do that is by scheduling a facility lighting audit. This is a great first step in cutting your energy costs. Our specialists will come to your facility and survey what your current lighting situation is and assess how it can be improved. They can create a lighting strategy that best fits your sustainability goals and budget. ... {Read More}

Condulet® Conduit Bodies - Cast Iron or Aluminum 1F Form 7 SnapPack™ Pre-Assembled Body, Gasket and Cover

Posted on Friday Jun 10, 2016

Crouse-Hinds Form 7 Snap PackCrouse-Hinds Form 7 SnapPack condulets are individually bar coded to simplify your inventory control. To help you save transaction costs and make product selection easier, you can order the body, cover and gasket with one catalog number. If you are a stickler for a job that looks neat and clean, Form 7 conduit bodies are compact with a round back design which makes for efficient installations. To protect your wire insulation, the conduit hubs have tapered threads and integral bushings. The integral gasket comes equipped with a sheet-steel wedge nut to simplify installation and removal.... {Read More}

For the Most Demanding Environments Hubbell’s Advantage Series Pin and Sleeve Are a Perfect Fit

Posted on Friday Jun 03, 2016 | iec, intermateable, pin-and-sleeve, plug, receptacle,

Hubbell Pin and SleeveDemanding environments call for high-performance pin and sleeve connections. Hubbell's Advantage Series IEC switched rated pin and sleeve connections have increased horsepower ratings, the push button switching capability of a general purpose branched disconnect in a compact design. The Advantage Series gives you more flexibility, more applications and more advantages. The Advantage Series connectors are IEC 6030 9-20 and safely mates with any IEC 6030 9-20 pin and sleeve manufacturers. The Advantage Series is intermateable with your existing installed base, saving you money.... {Read More}

ScopeMeter® 120 Series: As simple as one-two-three

Posted on Friday May 27, 2016 | multimeter, oscilloscope, scopemeter,

Fluke ScopeMeter 120 SeriesThe Fluke ScopeMeter 120 Series is a compact, rugged solution for industrial troubleshooting and installation applications. It’s an integrated test tool, with oscilloscope, multimeter and paperless recorder in an affordable, easy to use instrument. You can find answers fast to problems in machinery, instrumentation, control and power systems. The 120B Series helps technicians troubleshoot faster meaning you get quicker answers to problems keeping your systems up and running.... {Read More}

Product Discontinuation: Universal Disconnect Switch Replacing Variable Depth Switches

Posted on Friday May 20, 2016

Rockwell Automation 1494URockwell Automation has introduced a new line of Visible Blade disconnect switches in their Bulletin 1494U release. The 1494U replaces the 1494V Variable Depth and 1494C Cable Operated 30A, 60A and 100A Disconnect Switches. The new switch is more compact and reduces panel space to help save you time and money because of its flexibility for multiple applications and technology needs. With the disconnect switches’ universal mechanism it can be field connected for rod or cable operation. With the cable option, you also have the flexibility to mount the switch anywhere in the panel, regardless of where the handle is located. ... {Read More}

GenClean from General Cable Weathers Wash-downs

Posted on Friday May 13, 2016 | rubber-cable, rubber-cord, trumark, washdown,

General Cable GenCleanSeveral years ago the food and beverage industry came to General Cable and said they were looking for a product that had all the properties of a rubber cord product, was rugged, durable and could withstand the wash-down cycles that are required in their industry. In response, General Cable developed a product that has all the chemical and abrasion properties of a typical rubber portable cord product, but also has the ability within the compound of the cable to make it through a wash-down cycle and clean off organic materials better. With typical rubber, dirt and grime adheres to the jacket and doesn’t come loose. This cord has different properties which allow dirt to get washed away. ... {Read More}

Complexity is the Enemy of Security – Tempered Networks Has Solutions

Posted on Friday May 06, 2016

Tempered Networks Security SolutionsEffective security is no long an option – it’s mandatory. Would you get on a pane that was sort of maintained? No, of course you wouldn’t. So, why would you have a network that is kind of secure? The truth is the internet, TCP/IP, isn’t secure. It was never designed to be secure, and yet it is the backbone of global commerce and communications. The information that travels across the internet is valuable and it is big business to steal it. Some of the biggest risks in network security aren’t equipment or technology related. They are people related.... {Read More}

Hoffman’s Proline G2 Delivers Rigid Protection and Flexible Solutions for Industrial Controls

Posted on Friday Apr 29, 2016 | bv-m6, delrin, modular-enclosure, plinth-base, proline,

Hoffman Proline G2 SeriesWhat sets the Hoffman Proline G2 apart making it ideal for industrial environments? In short - it’s durability, custom colors, security, and ease of use. A secure door close on an electrical enclosure is an important safety consideration. The Proline G2 has a durable powder coated paint finish both inside and out, a door with a solid swing designed for high load capacity, and a smooth glide latching system. The smooth glide latching system ensures easy latching over the lifetime of the enclosure. A combination of a sturdy, double flange latch rod and three Delrin® roller pins prevent metal on metal grinding. A time latch mechanism ensures that the top and the bottom of the door catch reliably and repeatedly.... {Read More}

Brady’s BBP35 Creates Color Signs and Labels That Make a Difference

Posted on Friday Apr 22, 2016 | color-labels, labels, safety, sign-maker,

Brady BBP35Safety and productivity are important and you need signs and labels that do more than just identify hazards. You need labels and signs that will make a big impact with the right visuals in the right places and in colors that will get noticed. This ensures your employees will have the information they need at-a-glance. All creating a safer work environment which helps to maintain regulatory compliance and keep your facility running efficiently. When you need to take your visuals to the next level, you don’t have time to wait for signage to be delivered. With Brady’s BBP35 color sign and label printer, you have an in-house solution.... {Read More}

Cloud Based Monitoring with Dialight’s LED High Bay Fixtures

Posted on Friday Apr 15, 2016 | cloud-based, high-bay, led, lighting,

Dialight Vigilant LEDDialight is a leader in smart controls that give you the power to manage and control your facility lighting. Their new CE compliant and UL-certified Vigilant LED High Bay fixture has integrated controls and cloud based monitoring. These fixtures are ideal for industrial applications that include manufacturing, material handling and a host of other demanding applications. The new Vigilant features 125 lumens/watt with cloud based smart controlled LED lighting systems. ... {Read More}

What is Safety Automation Builder from Rockwell Automation?

Posted on Friday Apr 08, 2016 | safety, safety-automation-builder, safety-software,

Rockwell Automation Safety BuilderSafety Automation Builder is a software package from Rockwell Automation that allows you to develop conceptual drawings for a machine while looking at access points and hazards at working zones. It allows the development of functional safety systems and the verification of those system to prove that what you want is what you are getting. It also allows the development of a list of parts for each of those safety functions and the safety control systems.... {Read More}