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AMCI’s NR25 Networked Rotary Encoder Provides Flexibility and Cost Savings

Posted on Friday Jun 15, 2018 | encoder, ethernet/ip, plc,

Dialight Area LightWhat is the NR25 Networked Rotary Encoder from Advanced Micro Controls Inc. (AMCI)? Simply put it is a rotary encoder plus a network interface. It is comprised of a non-contact sensor, oversized bearings and O-ring seals. The non-contact sensor allows for no plastic gears or sensitive optics. With oversized bearings you realize superior axial and shaft lading. ... {Read More}

Dialight Area Lighting is Efficient, Functional and Dependable

Posted on Friday Jun 08, 2018 | area, led, outdoor-lighting,

Dialight Area LightDialight’s Area Light is efficient, functional and dependable. It performs well in a wide range of applications and environments. With their exclusive purpose-built power supply, your area lighting will have low maintenance without sacrificing quality. There is a significant time and cost savings benefit that comes with the installation of these area lights. ... {Read More}

Cut Conduit Installation Time by 80% with Hoffman’s Angled Trough

Posted on Friday Jun 01, 2018 | 90-degree, bend, conduit, trough,

Hoffman's Angeled TroughHoffman’s Angled Trough allows you to run conduit straight into the box from the top and bottom without having to do any 90-degree conduit bends. It reduces installation time by 80 percent. This gives you more flexibility in your wire distribution. With the angled trough, you use less space and it’s more esthetically pleasing to the eye.... {Read More}

Build Modern Applications with Studio 5000 View Designer

Posted on Friday May 25, 2018 | design, graphic, operator, software, terminals,

Studio 5000 View DesignerRockwell Automation’s Studio 5000 View Designer® is the design environment for the PanelView™ 5000 family of operator terminals. The integration of the PanelView 5000 with Studio 5000 helps build modern applications more easily and improves operator performance.... {Read More}

Easy Installation with Lithonia’s Wafer LED Recessed Downlighting

Posted on Friday May 18, 2018 | downlighting, led, recessed,

Wafer LEDThe ultra-thin recessed downlighting Wafer™ LED from Lithonia provides housing-free installation. The Wafer LED is perfect for shallow ceilings. The slim design makes retrofitting, remodeling or new construction installation quick and simple. The Wafer only needs 2” of plenum clearance to be installed.... {Read More}

Lumark’s Night Falcon LED Floodlight Provides Energy-Saving Design and Versatility

Posted on Friday May 11, 2018 | floodlight, led, outdoor-lighting,

Night FalconLumark by Eaton’s Night Falcon LED Floodlight has an innovative design that maximizes light distribution and extends product life. These flood lights are perfect for commercial and industrial applications that include security lighting, building facades and pole mounts. Thanks to the cutting-edge thermal management system in the design, this floodlight has unbeatable sustainability.... {Read More}

Crouse-Hinds Champ LED Floodlights Are Ideal Solutions for Harsh and Hazardous Applications

Posted on Thursday May 03, 2018 | hazardous-locations, led, lighting,

Do you face challenges to provide the needed amount of light? Do you face safety issues with lighting in hazardous locations? Do you face operational and maintenance issues with your current lighting in hazardous and industrial locations? If you answered yes, then consider the Crouse-Hinds FMV9. The FMV9 is great for locations where lighting maintenance is costly and time consuming, frequency of lamp changes is disruptive to work and you have high energy costs. ... {Read More}

American Made Patriot Aluminum Products

Posted on Friday Apr 27, 2018 | aluminum, conduit, emt,

Patriot AluminumPatriot Industries is the only American owned family business that produces a full line of rigid aluminum and stainless-steel conduit, nipples, elbows and couplings. As well as EMT elbows and galvanized nipples and elbows manufactured in their Virginia factory. With ten additional warehouses throughout the United States carrying over five million dollars in inventory, your access to conduit products is readily available. ... {Read More}

SensoPart’s Visor Object Sensor Lets You Know if the Right Part is in the Right Place

Posted on Friday Apr 20, 2018 | monitoring, position, sensors, vision,

SensoPart VisorSensoPart’s VISOR® object sensor is perfect for your applications that require position monitoring, component positioning, plastic part inspection, pick & place, and robotic applications. If you need to see if objects are present on your assembly line, lying the correct way on the conveyor belt, missing important details or incorrectly assembled, you will want to add the VISOR to your manufacturing operations. When accuracy is important, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. ... {Read More}

PanelView Plus 6 Migration, Is it Time?

Posted on Monday Apr 16, 2018 | equipment, firmware, legacy, migration, software,

PanelView PlusAre you struggling to maintain your legacy PanelView™ Plus 6 software? If so, it might be time to consider migrating to Rockwell Automation’s PanelView Plus 7. There are a few things to consider when thinking about upgrading your legacy equipment. Does your HMI need to communicate to multiple PLC’s? Do you need serial communications? Do you need to re-use an existing cutout? Do you need a keypad? Is resolution important? How you answer these questions helps to determine what your needs are. ... {Read More}


Posted on Friday Apr 06, 2018 | iot, iott, networks,

Zebra Network ConnectThe Industrial Internet of Things is changing our relationships with machines. They are now our collaborative partner in achieving unmatched visibility and speed. When you equip your operations with Zebra Technologies, you retool what’s possible.... {Read More}

Reduce the risk of exposure to electrical hazards for improved worker Safety with Panduit VeriSafe™

Posted on Friday Mar 23, 2018 | de-energized, safety, voltage,

VerisafeWhen servicing electrical equipment, workers must comply with safety regulations that require a voltage verification test to validate the absence of voltage. This process includes many stages that can be complex, time-consuming, and dangerous when using hand‐held electrical test equipment. ... {Read More}

Brady BMP21 Plus Printer

Posted on Thursday Mar 15, 2018 | bmp21, handheld-printer, label-printer,

Brady BMP21Brady’s BMP21 Plus printer is terrific for industrial, electrical or construction application. It’s great for any size business. It’s packaged in an easy to use format. There are multiple symbols available making sure that your labels are correct and exactly what you need. These labels can be used in office buildings, construction materials, organizing tools and supplies making your life easier and more efficient. The rubber over mold is rugged so there’s no need to worry about it getting damaged. It comes with a 3/4” in. label cartridge, but is interchangeable with other label sizes. The printer recognizes the label size differences, so there’s no extra steps required when making size changes.... {Read More}


Posted on Friday Mar 09, 2018 | boxes, floor, raceway, recessed,

Rockwell Automation EDS FilesBuildings are more connected and intelligent than ever before. To support their changing and expanding requirements, Hubbell Delivery Systems bring power, data and audio-visual (AV) solutions to wherever they’re needed within your facility. Hubbell provides delivery systems for office buildings, schools, malls, sports stadiums, hospitals and airports.... {Read More}

Do you know the difference between EDS Files and Add on Profiles?

Posted on Friday Mar 02, 2018 | files, profiles, software, text,

Rockwell Automation EDS FilesAn Electronic Data Sheet (EDS) describes a small set of component characteristics so that components can talk to and be recognized on a network. An Add on Profile is used within Rockwell Automation’s Studio 5000 to define a specific piece of hardware and how it will react within the control system. ... {Read More}