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The BMP61 Brady Label System replaces the TLS-2200

Posted on Sunday Mar 19, 2017

Brady BMP61The BMP61 Brady Label System replaces the TLS-2200 with several great new features. The new system is more user friendly and better quality that makes labeling jobs easier. The 2200 had a built-in battery with switch in it that wasn’t always ideal. The BMP61 has a nickel cadmium battery that slides in and out easily. It is easily replaceable and you can run this system independent of the battery by plugging it in and running off a 12-volt converter from your wall socket. Previously the keypad was not a traditional format or qwerty style keypad making it very difficult to find the letters you needed. The BMP61 has a full qwerty keyboard just like your smart phone making it faster and easier to create your labels.... {Read More}

Rack-and-Pinion Drives Often Top Other Drives For Durability, Efficiency, and Economics

Wittenstein RAPLinear motors, ball screws, and rack-and-pinion drives are good options when it comes to electro-mechanical linear motion systems. Ball screws are very popular, and linear motors are noted for precision and dynamic performance. Rack-and-Pinion drives are often overlooked when it comes to accuracy and performance, but they cannot only match but exceed what is offered by competing hardware. This is made possible through the advances in precision manufacturing, and the recent advent of electronic preloading. In fact, rack-and-pinion units often top the others in terms of durability, efficiency, and economics.... {Read More}

With Softing’s 56eATM-tManager You Can Exchange Between Business Systems and PLCs/PACs Easily

Posted on Monday Mar 06, 2017 | controllogix, data-exchange, ethernet/ip, pac, plc,

Softing tManagertManager® Enterprise Appliance Transaction Modules (eATM® ) allow the exchange of data between business or plant computer systems and a mix of Rockwell Automation PLCs/PACs. The modules install in a ControlLogix chassis from Rockwell Automation and communicate to other Allen-Bradley controllers via the backplane, bridge modules, or EtherNet/IP through one of the front Ethernet ports. On the enterprise side, adapters are available for popular databases as well as messaging queues through various versions of Java Messaging Service.... {Read More}


Posted on Sunday Feb 26, 2017 | cable, cord, portable-cable, wire,

General Cable's TruMarkGeneral Cable’s Carol Brand line of portable power cords feature the TRU-Mark System. This system sequentially marks every two feet of cord in descending order from the start of the reel to the end. The Reel lengths are available in 250, 500 or 1,000 feet, with large, visible printing for accuracy with 1% tolerance. TRU-Mark products cut down on shortages and scrap in the field. If you always know how much is left on the reel, your efficiency is improved because of your ability to effectively manager reel inventory. With better inventory management, you will realize a savings on scrap costs. With the TRU-Mark system you can cut cord with confidence there by improving your job efficiency.... {Read More}

PowerFlex 525 AC Drive Delivers Powerful Performance and Flexibility with Innovative Hardware Design

Posted on Tuesday Feb 21, 2017 | ac-drive, him, powerflex, powerflex525,

Rockwell Automation PowerFlex 525The PowerFlex 525 AC Drive combines performance with an innovative design that helps make you more productive. It’s unique design that reduces installation time because it can be easily separated into two modules: power and control. With this modular design, you can hand off the power module for wiring and installation while the control module is programmed by someone else at the same time. The control module is the brains of the drive and houses the embedded Ethernet port, DSI port, embedded safe torque off and 14 terminals for additional inputs and outputs.... {Read More}

Unirac’s GFT is Scalable to Any Size Project

Posted on Monday Feb 06, 2017 | ground-mount, mounting-racks, photovoltaic, pv, solar,

Unirac Ground Fixed TiltUnirac’s Ground Fixed Tilt solar panel mounting racks are scalable to any project size. There is no customization required for your project with Unirac’s aluminum beams because they include a top mounting slot to accommodate a variety of module sizes. Attaching your PV panels to the top chord is simple and quick because the mounting slots provide maximum construction tolerances across the array. To further ease the assembly process there are fewer tools and less labor needed because of the pre-drilled holes on the foundation channel and steel top chord.... {Read More}

What Types of Damage Can an Electrical Surge Cause to Your Facility?

Posted on Monday Jan 30, 2017 | lightning-strikes, safety, surge-protection,

Mersen Surge TrapYour equipment is expensive and you rely on it to meet your customers’ needs. If machines stop working, it costs you time, money and resources to get things back up and running. Mersen’s Surge-Trap® product line offers you a way to protect your sensitive control equipment at a minimal investment. These products are designed to protect your facility from harmful and preventable electrical surge damage. The majority of surge spikes originate in your own facility. However, surges can be caused by utility grid switching, lightning strikes, switching of capacitor banks and electrical accidents.... {Read More}

McNaughton-McKay’s Customer Alliance Program Works to Efficiently Manager your Inventory

Posted on Sunday Jan 22, 2017 | inventory, stock-outs, vendor-managed-inventory, vmi,

McNaughton-McKay Customer Alliance ProgramMcNaughton-McKay offers a materials management program to our customers called the Customer Alliance Program (C.A.P.). It is designed to help you reduce carrying costs, manpower and paperwork. All while improving your inventory accuracy and increase your productivity. Our C.A.P. services are tailored to fit your inventory management needs. Our goal is to provide a mutually beneficial relationship where both sides can easily and precisely control the availability and flow of products.... {Read More}

Get Up To $1,300 in FREE Fluke Tools With Purchase

Posted on Monday Jan 16, 2017 | meters, testing-tools, thermography,

Fluke PromotionNow through April 30, when you spend $250 or more on any qualifying Fluke product you are eligible for free Fluke tools with their “Measure of Innovation” promotion. Fluke tools have been a name that is synonymous with efficiency and accuracy in the electrical industry for years. That’s why it is great to be able to purchase an item from them and add a free gift to your tool box as well. There are several choices; you can see your gift selections by going to The more Fluke tools you purchase, the greater the value of your free tools.... {Read More}

Why You Should Use a Cable Pull Switch From Rockwell Automation

Posted on Monday Jan 09, 2017 | cable-pull-switch, e-stop, safety,

Rockwell Automation Cable Pull 440eFor machinery such as conveyors, it is often more convenient and effective to use a cable pull device along the hazard area for your emergency stop device. These devices use a steel wire rope connected to latching pull switches so that pulling on the rope in any direction at any point along its length will trip the switch to cut off the machine power. The cable pull switches must detect both a pull on the cable as well as when the cable goes slack. Slack detection ensures that the cable is not cut and is ready for use.... {Read More}

Spectrum Controls Offers Complete I/O Solutions for Rockwell Automation Industrial Controllers

Posted on Sunday Dec 18, 2016 | i/o, industrial-controls, techconnect,

Bussmann CCPLPSpectrum Controls is a leading manufacturer of hardware and software for the industrial controls industry and the first company to partner with Rockwell Automation for technical telephone support of their Spectrum Controls product line. Rockwell Automation provides technical support of Spectrum Control’s SLC 500, PLC-5 and ControlLogix I/O modules worldwide. You can access technical support for Spectrum Controls’ products via telephone from 8 am to 5 pm daily and through email with multi-lingual, state-of-the-art product support from experienced Rockwell Automation engineers.... {Read More}

Bussmann Low Profile Circuit Protector

Posted on Sunday Nov 27, 2016 | circuit-protection, disconnects, fuses,

Bussmann CCPLPBussmann’s new low profile compact circuit protector fused disconnect switch is the smallest rated fusible switch in the electrical industry helping you to minimize panel space requirements. The high short-circuit current rating allows designers to increase power density throughout the power distribution system without worrying about available fault currents or adding unnecessary transformers to increase impedance. The handle and fuse lid interlock, improves operator safety by helping to prevent the user from removing the fuse under load therefore increasing worker safety.... {Read More}

Rockwell Automation Knows Condition Sensing Controls

Posted on Sunday Nov 20, 2016 | io-link, pressure-sensing, sensors,

Rockwell Automation 836 SensorCapable of measuring pressure of liquid or gasses, the new Allen-Bradley® Solid-State 836P Pressure Sensors are available in display and non-display models in rugged, compact housings with corrosion resistant 316L solid-state sensor elements. The display model features embedded IO-Link 1.1 communications protocol, which allows for easy integration with The Connected Enterprise while delivering data directly into a control system in a very cost-efficient and easy-to-use manner when connected to an IO-Link Master and EtherNet/IP™.... {Read More}

3M Scotch® Super 33+ Vinyl Electrical Tape…No Ordinary Insulation Tape

Posted on Monday Nov 14, 2016 | elasticated, electrical-tape, vinyl-tape,

3M TapeHaving invented the world’s first insulation tape, 3M Scotch 33+ Vinyl Electrical Tape set the standard for quality, efficiency, durability and versatility. It is the flagship product in 3M’s premium tape products. It is power utility approved and dramatically outperforms cheaper alternatives. It functions specifically well in colder temperatures and where there are elasticated memory properties.... {Read More}

Roof Tech Gives You the Most Compact, Versatile, PV Mounting System Under the Sun

Posted on Tuesday Nov 08, 2016 | pv, pvmounting, solar,

Roof Tech RT MountRoof Tech’s RT-[E] Mount offers a compact mounting bracket like none the solar installation market has ever seen. With RT-[E] there’s no need to place solar panels on top of long rails because you can simply mount the brackets to rafters. Once panels are secured to the brackets, the system array is electrically bonded.... {Read More}