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ChargePoint is the Future of EV Open Charging Networks

Posted on Friday Dec 07, 2018 | charging, electric, ev, stations, vehicles,

ChargePointDid you know that 75% of all new cars sold by 2020 will be connected to the internet and 35% by 2040 will be electric? With transportation changing so quickly, it’s time to think about how you will get connected to future electric transportation.... {Read More}

Panduit Pan-Way® is Easy to Install and ADA Compliant

Posted on Friday Nov 30, 2018 | ada, pvc, raceway,

Panduit Pan-WayPanduit’s Pan-Way® above floor raceway is a cost effective, easy-to-install alternative for routing cables in areas without access to core drilling. The low-profile, ADA compliant solution is ideal for routing network, A/V, and power cables in classrooms, conference rooms and huddle spaces. The raceway is equipped with 4 channels which allows for separation of low voltage and power cables. ... {Read More}

HMS Anybus Wireless Bridge with Robust Wireless Connection to Industrial Devices

Posted on Wednesday Nov 21, 2018 | anybus, bridge, wireless,

The HMS Anybus Wireless Bridge is a robust wireless gateway that enables you to get industrial strength connection via Bluetooth or WLAN. The wireless bridge can be used whenever cables are not desirable to connect devices in hard to reach places or hazardous locations. The devices are IP-65 rated making them ideal for harsh industrial environments. The most common use is establishing a connection in industrial networks, but they can also be used as an access point connection for up to seven different slaves. You can create a wireless connection up to 400 meters between most industrial Ethernet networks including: Profinet, EnterNet/IP, Modbus TCP and BACnet IP.... {Read More}

Encore Wire’s PullPro Helps Make Job Sites Safer and Wire Pulling Easier

Posted on Friday Nov 16, 2018 | thhn, thwn, wire,

Encore Wire PullProEncore Wire has improved on their already terrific PullPro product line. It’s design and packaging make it one of the toughest in the electrical industry. Their video showing how it can be dropped from 80 feet, run over by large vehicles and drug along a hard surface, is one you need to watch. ... {Read More}

Hubbell Advantage IEC Pin & Sleeve Series for Demanding Environments

Posted on Friday Nov 09, 2018 | disconnects, iec, pin, sleeve,

Hubbell Advantage IEC Pin & Sleeve SeriesDemanding environments need high-performance pin and sleeve connections. Hubbell’s Advantage Series IEC switch rated pin and sleeve connections are perfect for motor applications, industrial applications and food and beverage processing facilities. ... {Read More}

Use the HIM CopyCat Function on you PowerFlex Drives to Save Time and Headaches

Posted on Friday Nov 02, 2018 | ac, drives, firmware, him,

PowerFlex 750 SeriesRockwell Automation's PowerFlex 750-Series drives are equipped with a CopyCat function in the Human Interface Module (HIM). This function allows you to upload individual parameter sets for your host drive and any peripherals connected into the HIM.... {Read More}

Halo Surface Downlight SLD Series is Technology You Can Count On

Posted on Friday Oct 26, 2018 | led, lighting, recessed,

Halo Surface DownlightThe Halo LED universal surface downlight acts just like a standard downlight with an ultra low-profile. This sleek designed LED fixture easily installs into most standard junction boxes as well as four, five and six inch recessed housings.... {Read More}

Your Electric Vehicle Can Run On The Sun

Posted on Friday Oct 26, 2018 | charging, ev, solar,

SolarEdge EV ChargingWhat if you could have a car that ran on sun? Well, now you can because SolarEdge is making it a reality. SolarEdge offers the first inverter-integrated electric vehicle (EV) charger. It gives you the ability to charge your electric vehicles with solar and grid energy. ... {Read More}

Fluke 805 FC

Posted on Friday Oct 19, 2018 | crest, factor, mechanical, meter, troubleshooting, vibration,

Fluke 805 FCThe Fluke 805 FC Vibration Meter is a handheld tool for taking measurements of bearing condition and overall vibration. It is a quick and reliable way for go or no-go testing of rotating equipment. ... {Read More}


Posted on Friday Oct 12, 2018 | flat, led, luminaire, panel,

Lithonia EPANLLithonia’s EPANL is a low-profile and easy to install luminaire that provides visual appeal in a variety of applications. The lens provides a bright glare-free comfortable solution. Ceiling space is not a problem when installing the EPANL with a depth of only two inches you will not encounter restricted plenum space. ... {Read More}

Hoffman’s Proline G2 Delivers Rigid Protection and Flexible Solutions for Industrial Controls

Posted on Thursday Oct 04, 2018 | bv-m6, delrin, modular-enclosure, plinth-base, proline,

Hoffman Proline G2 SeriesWhat sets the Hoffman Proline G2 apart making it ideal for industrial environments? In short - it’s durability, custom colors, security, and ease of use. A secure door close on an electrical enclosure is an important safety consideration. The Proline G2 has a durable powder coated paint finish both inside and out, a door with a solid swing designed for high load capacity, and a smooth glide latching system. The smooth glide latching system ensures easy latching over the lifetime of the enclosure. A combination of a sturdy, double flange latch rod and three Delrin® roller pins prevent metal on metal grinding. A time latch mechanism ensures that the top and the bottom of the door catch reliably and repeatedly.... {Read More}

The E300’s Modular Design Makes Motor Protection Easy

Posted on Friday Sep 28, 2018 | electronic, motor, overload, protection, relay, relays,

Rockwell Automation E300Rockwell Automation’s E300 Overload Relay is more modular than the old 300 Plus. The E300 is made up of three sensing modules: a sensing module, a control module and a communications module. With this overload relay, you can pick and choose the various types of sensing that you want to monitor. You are also able to add a control module which allows for various types of voltages that activate your inputs. ... {Read More}

If you have a corrosive environment, you need Electri-Flex LTSS Stainless Steel Flexible Conduit

Posted on Friday Sep 21, 2018 | conduit, flexible, liquidtight,

Stainless Steel Flexible ConduitElectri-Flex’s LTSS stainless steel flexible conduit is a perfect for applications where corrosion can be an issue. This non-UL liquidtight stainless steel flexible conduit is ideal for applications that require motion, vibration and bending. ... {Read More}

Dynics Has the Large Format Display to Fit Every Need

Posted on Friday Sep 14, 2018 | displays, industrial, led, widescreen,

Dynics Large Format DisplaysDynics, based in Ann Arbor, MI, manufacturers industrial interactive product solutions. Their large format displays offer a wide variety of products that range in size from 32” to 98”. These industrial grade displays are a great alternative to traditional TV screens.... {Read More}

Stop Installing HID Fixtures and You will Save Energy and Maintenance Costs

Posted on Friday Sep 07, 2018 | bays, hid, high, led,

Holophane Phuzion LED fixtures in a gymnasiumWhat happens when you install Holophane’s Phuzion PHLZ LED High Bays over traditional HID fixtures? You use 50% less energy. If you include integrated photocontrols your energy savings will be boosted even more. ... {Read More}