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Leviton Makes Charging Your Electronic Devices Easy

Posted on Tuesday Feb 02, 2016 | electronic-devices, outlets, receptacles, usb,

Today we are more connected than ever before. We depend on our mobile devices to communicate, entertain, access information and get us where we need to go. With Leviton’s USB Charger Devices, charging your tablets, smartphones and gaming devices just became more convenient. With Leviton’s charger devices you can plug your power cord directly into the receptacle’s USB ports.... {Read More}

Hoffman SpectraCool™ Indoor Air Conditioner

Posted on Friday Jan 22, 2016

The life expectancy of electronics can be reduced in half every time the room temperature rises by 18 degrees. Heat can reduce performance, instigate damage, and affect manufacturer warranties. Heat can be generated inside a cabinet by electronic components and intensified by external sources. This heat buildup can harm your industrial controls. Uncooled components can produce as much trapped heat as a home furnace.... {Read More}

Rockwell Automations PowerFlex 7000 Drives with ArchShield Help Reduce Arc Flash Hazards

Posted on Friday Jan 08, 2016 | arcshield, drives, powerflex, safety,

Rockwell Automation’s PowerFlex 7000 drive system with ArcShield technology is the latest addition to their family of arc-resistant products. The new drive system offers an integrated solution to reduce the safety burden put on industrial end users. The PowerFlex 7000 with ArcShield fits a wide range of applications that require frequent starts and stops. The technology allows you to slow down and stop your motors more quickly and efficiently.... {Read More}

Newly Improved Thomas & Betts Stainless Steel Ball-Locking Ty-Rap®

Posted on Friday Dec 18, 2015 | ty-rap,

The improved stainless steel ball-locking ty-rap from Thomas & Betts gives you the power to wrap up the toughest jobs sooner and with more confidence. They are safer, stronger, and faster to use. They are safer because of the AISI #1 precision rounded edge which doesn’t harm the cable or installer. Thin stainless steel is inherently sharp, which is why TNB incorporates a fully rounded edge so that the cable tie does not chafe or cut through the cable insulation. They are the strongest cable ties TNB has ever built and stand up to corrosive and harsh environments... {Read More}


Posted on Friday Dec 11, 2015

Every three years, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) updates NFPA 70E: Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace. In recent years, the standard has become tougher in response to increased electrical accidents in industrial plants and facilities. Because of the harmful consequences of arc flash incidents NFPA, along with the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), is mandating and enforcing safer electrical work practices... {Read More}

When You Need Watertight Devices You Want Hubbell WD

Posted on Friday Dec 04, 2015 | watertight, wiring,

Hubbell Wiring Device Kellems introduces its newly redesigned and expanded family of watertight devices. These devices have been engineered for superior water resistance and durability in harsh environments such as food processing, construction and manufacturing. Hubbell’s full line includes Straight Blade and Locking Plugs, Connectors, Receptacles and Plates. New features include a smooth body design, free-floating cap and triple bypass seal that ensure superior performance. Hubbell’s products passed the UL 4X Watertight test when mated with your installed base. This means you don’t have to convert all of your products over at once, saving you time and money... {Read More}

Panduit DIN Rail Wiring Duct Saves Space With Easy and Flexible Installation

Posted on Friday Nov 20, 2015 | panduit, panelmax,

Panduit’s PanelMax DIN Rail wiring duct is an innovative wire management system for control panels that reduces material and installation costs within industrial control panels. This wiring duct takes advantage of available space gaining mounting space on the panel surface giving many applications a 30% + smaller footprint for duct and components. ... {Read More}

Hoffman FS66S Stainless Steel Enclosures Provide Rugged Protection for Sensitive Components in Harsh Environments.

Posted on Monday Nov 16, 2015 | fs66s, hoffman,

Hoffman’s FS66S enclosures features stainless steel uni-body construction and are designed to house systems incorporating large components or complex mounting configurations. You can use these enclosures in machine tool applications for housing motor starters, drives, contactors and PLCs, as well as a wide variety of other electrical and electronic equipment. The enclosures can be used in oil and gas, automotive, pulp and paper, wood products, textile and other comparable industries. Additionally, they provide rugged protection for your sensitive components in harsh environments.... {Read More}

Roxtec is Peace of Mind for Flexible Sealing Solutions

Posted on Friday Oct 30, 2015 | cable, pipe, roxtec, seal,

Roxtec cable and pipe sealing solutions can be used on land, at sea and underground, wherever cables are routed and pipes are installed and the size doesn’t matter. If you are working in a demanding environment that requires safety, efficiency and operation reliability, the modular-based Roxtec sealing solutions give you peace of mind. The modular-based solution has three main components: the adaptable modules, the frame, and the compression unit. This system protects life and assets against risk caused by fire, gas, water, dust, pests, vibrations, and electromagnetic disturbances. It can even prevent the risk of explosion and provide solutions for bonding, grounding, and electrical safety.... {Read More}

HMS Anybus Wireless Bridge with Robust Wireless Connection to Industrial Devices

Posted on Friday Oct 23, 2015 | anybus, bridge, wireless,

The HMS Anybus Wireless Bridge is a robust wireless gateway that enables you to get industrial strength connection via Bluetooth or WLAN. The wireless bridge can be used whenever cables are not desirable to connect devices in hard to reach places or hazardous locations. The devices are IP-65 rated making them ideal for harsh industrial environments. The most common use is establishing a connection in industrial networks, but they can also be used as an access point connection for up to seven different slaves. You can create a wireless connection up to 400 meters between most industrial Ethernet networks including: Profinet, EnterNet/IP, Modbus TCP and BACnet IP.... {Read More}

RF IDeas pcProx® Plus Reader Increases Efficiency for Better Operational Workflow

Posted on Friday Oct 16, 2015

The RF IDeas pcProx Plus is a cutting-edge card reader that combines proximity and contactless technologies into one reader. It’s a desktop reader that is capable of reading both 125 kHz proximity cards and 13.56 MHz contactless cards. This reader eliminates the need for manual entry and provides error-free identification and security throughout your facilities. The pcProx Plus allows you to use your building access card or any 125 kHz or 13.56 MHz tags/labels for other forms of identification. The reader can be configured to add keystrokes and commands before or after the card’s data.... {Read More}

Klein Tools New Switch Drive Handle System Makes Quick Work of Jobs That Need Finesse

Posted on Friday Oct 02, 2015 | drive, klein, switch,

Klein Tools New Switch Drive Handle System Makes Quick Work of Jobs That Need Finesse Power drills will always make quick work of large fastening jobs, but a screwdriver is still needed for those times when you need the subtlety of a hand tool. Klein’s new Switch Drive™ Handle System allows you to switch between a power drill and hand tool minimizing the number of tools you need in your tool box and saving you space. Klein’s patented quick release mechanism in the handle secures any accessory with a 1/4" hex so you can move quickly from an impact rated power tool to a hand tool while maintaining the strength and performance found in a traditional fixed blade screwdriver. ... {Read More}


Posted on Friday Oct 02, 2015 | efficiency, energy, solahd,

Many people are familiar with popular items such as: LED light bulbs, ENERGY STAR appliances and equipment to reduce energy costs, but distribution transformers are a much less talked about energy saving product. Much of the energy that that we consume daily is wasted through heat loss and the use of technologies that are less efficient to run. The operation of inefficient equipment causes individuals and companies to waste significant money every day. In recent years, companies have worked to develop products that are more efficient to help people save money.... {Read More}

Hammond (HPS) Centurion Line Reactors

Posted on Friday Oct 02, 2015 | hammond,

The HPS Centurion® R line reactor provides improved performance and reliability as well as space needed for installation. HPS reactors are designed to address line-side issues associated with variable frequency drives. They lessen voltage and current transients that can cause nuisance tripping of a drive. Reactors also minimize harmonic current levels within the drive supply circuit. When used on the output side of Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT)-based, Pulse Width Module (PWM)-type AC drives, HPS reactors reduce the motor operating temperature and audible noise by moderating line transients seen by the motor.... {Read More}

Fluke’s New TiS Performance Series of Infrared Cameras are Available in 8 New Models

Posted on Friday Oct 02, 2015 | camera, fluke, infrared,

The new TiS Performance Series of thermal imaging cameras includes five fixed-focus infrared cameras and three manual-focus models, with resolution up to 260 x 195 pixels. All cameras have improved resolution capabilities that let you analyze equipment conditions more quickly and accurately. The TiS Thermal Imaging Cameras are great entry level thermal imagers at an economical price for the building professional. Additionally, they are the most affordable thermal imaging cameras that meet the proposed RESNET* infrared inspection standards.... {Read More}