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Fuse Cross Reference Made Simple with Eaton Bussmann’s Series FuseFinder App

Posted on Monday Aug 24, 2020 | cross-reference, fuse-blocks, fuses, mobile-app,

FuseFinder AppThrough the use of a robust text-based cross-reference and part search database, FuseFinder identifies products consisting of over 300,000 cross-reference files, including the use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to read part numbers from product labels using your device’s camera. ... {Read More}

Freeing Up Space is Powerful with Bussmann CUBEFuse and Compact Circuit Protector Disconnects

Posted on Tuesday Dec 24, 2019 | current, disconnects, fuses, rating, sccr, short-circuit,

Construction Material Project ManagementAre you looking for products that promote safety and quality? The CUBEFuse and Compact Circuit Protector Disconnects can help you in both areas without increasing your panel footprint.... {Read More}

Save Up To 70% of Space with Bussmann’s CUBEFuse

Posted on Friday May 10, 2019 | disconnects, fuses, panelboards,

Bussmann by Eaton low Peak CUBEFuseThe Bussmann by Eaton Low Peak CUBEFuse is the first finger-safe power fuse system. It is the smallest footprint of any class fuse and meets Class CF and Class J time-delay electrical performance requirements. The smaller footprint provides for considerable space savings and installation flexibility. With the easyID™ open fuse technology feature, you are afforded faster troubleshooting reducing your downtime. With the ability for faster response, the damage that can occur from faults is greatly reduced diminishing destructive thermal and magnetic forces. Applications that are great for the CUBEFuse are electrical panelboards, machinery disconnects, industrial controls and panels, and required finger-safe systems.... {Read More}

Bussmann Low Profile Circuit Protector

Posted on Sunday Nov 27, 2016 | circuit-protection, disconnects, fuses,

Bussmann CCPLPBussmann’s new low profile compact circuit protector fused disconnect switch is the smallest rated fusible switch in the electrical industry helping you to minimize panel space requirements. The high short-circuit current rating allows designers to increase power density throughout the power distribution system without worrying about available fault currents or adding unnecessary transformers to increase impedance. The handle and fuse lid interlock, improves operator safety by helping to prevent the user from removing the fuse under load therefore increasing worker safety.... {Read More}

Bussmann’s High Speed Compact Fuses Use 48% Less Enclosure Space

Posted on Thursday Jun 23, 2016

Bussman HSCFHigh speed fuses are current-limiting devices. This means they reduce the prospective short-circuit current, and destructive thermal and mechanical forces in equipment to an acceptable level. High speed fuses are mainly for protecting semiconductors from short-circuits. Power semiconductors protected by high speed fuses are used in many applications: AC drives, DC drives, traction, soft starters, solid state relays, electrolysis, induction furnaces and inverters. The power source for these may be supplied by the grid, local generator or batteries. With Bussmann’s compact high speed fuses, you use 48% less enclosure space which reduces the overall size of your power conversion equipment.... {Read More}