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Eaton Crouse-Hinds Champ Pro PVMA is Plant Engineering’s 2019 Product of the Year

Posted on Friday Mar 27, 2020 | bay, fixture, led, lighting,

PVMA LightingPVMA low bay LED lights from Eaton Crouse-Hinds can help to improve your productivity in harsh environments. The installation of this product has been made easier because of its lightweight design.... {Read More}


Posted on Friday Sep 20, 2019 | boxes, electrical, pre-fabricated,

CROUSE-HINDS PRE-FORMANCE™ PRE-FABRICATION SYSTEM PRE-formance is a unique three-tiered offering of pre-fabrication that improves commercial construction job site material handling, installation productivity and safety. ... {Read More}

Lumark’s Night Falcon LED Floodlight Provides Energy-Saving Design and Versatility

Posted on Friday May 11, 2018 | floodlight, led, outdoor-lighting,

Night FalconLumark by Eaton’s Night Falcon LED Floodlight has an innovative design that maximizes light distribution and extends product life. These flood lights are perfect for commercial and industrial applications that include security lighting, building facades and pole mounts. Thanks to the cutting-edge thermal management system in the design, this floodlight has unbeatable sustainability.... {Read More}

Crouse-Hinds Champ LED Floodlights Are Ideal Solutions for Harsh and Hazardous Applications

Posted on Thursday May 03, 2018 | hazardous-locations, led, lighting,

Do you face challenges to provide the needed amount of light? Do you face safety issues with lighting in hazardous locations? Do you face operational and maintenance issues with your current lighting in hazardous and industrial locations? If you answered yes, then consider the Crouse-Hinds FMV9. The FMV9 is great for locations where lighting maintenance is costly and time consuming, frequency of lamp changes is disruptive to work and you have high energy costs. ... {Read More}

Crouse-Hinds Pauluhn Apex LED Luminaires Replace Fluorescent Lighting in Hazardous and Harsh Environments

Crouse Hinds Pauluhn APEX LEDIf you are looking for an LED luminaire that is maintenance-free, delivers long life and high lumen output for your wash down, food processing and harsh environments, then the Pauluhn Apex LED luminaires are for you. These luminaires are intended to replace fluorescent T12, T8 and T5HO lighting. With LED lighting energy consumption is reduced by approximately 38%. Which is significantly lower than HID fixtures and you don’t have to wait 10 minutes for them to turn on because of their instant illumination. LEDs are mercury-free which eliminates disposal costs and decreases your carbon footprint.... {Read More}

Condulet® Conduit Bodies - Cast Iron or Aluminum 1F Form 7 SnapPack™ Pre-Assembled Body, Gasket and Cover

Posted on Friday Jun 10, 2016

Crouse-Hinds Form 7 Snap PackCrouse-Hinds Form 7 SnapPack condulets are individually bar coded to simplify your inventory control. To help you save transaction costs and make product selection easier, you can order the body, cover and gasket with one catalog number. If you are a stickler for a job that looks neat and clean, Form 7 conduit bodies are compact with a round back design which makes for efficient installations. To protect your wire insulation, the conduit hubs have tapered threads and integral bushings. The integral gasket comes equipped with a sheet-steel wedge nut to simplify installation and removal.... {Read More}