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Dialight IntelliLED Wireless Control System Provides Greater Energy and Maintenance Savings

Posted on Thursday Jun 25, 2020 | controls, daylight, led, lighting,

Mersen’s Compact Fused SwitchThe Dialight IntelliLED wireless control system takes Dialight LED lighting to a whole new level. Its easy-to-use functionality helps you improve safety, productivity, and energy utilization by providing data-driven insights to measure performance that can help you adapt in the future. ... {Read More}

Dialight Area Lighting is Efficient, Functional and Dependable

Posted on Friday Jun 08, 2018 | area, led, outdoor-lighting,

Dialight Area LightDialight’s Area Light is efficient, functional and dependable. It performs well in a wide range of applications and environments. With their exclusive purpose-built power supply, your area lighting will have low maintenance without sacrificing quality. There is a significant time and cost savings benefit that comes with the installation of these area lights. ... {Read More}

Cloud Based Monitoring with Dialight’s LED High Bay Fixtures

Posted on Friday Jan 05, 2018 | cloud-based, high-bay, led, lighting,

Dialight Vigilant LEDDialight is a leader in smart controls that give you the power to manage and control your facility lighting. Their new CE compliant and UL-certified Vigilant LED High Bay fixture has integrated controls and cloud based monitoring. These fixtures are ideal for industrial applications that include manufacturing, material handling and a host of other demanding applications. The new Vigilant features 125 lumens/watt with cloud based smart controlled LED lighting systems. ... {Read More}

Dialight Announces Highest Efficiency LED Fixture on the Market

Posted on Sunday Jun 14, 2015 | dialight, fixtures, led, lighting, savings, vigilant,

The Dialight Vigilant® H2 Series LED High Bay has just been released by Dialight and is the highest efficiency LED fixture on the market. It is constructed to be compact and lightweight and fits any industrial application where you are looking to reduce energy consumption and improve light levels over more than a 10 year period... {Read More}