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Predictive Maintenance with Real-Time Analytics in a web-based app from Grace Engineering

GraceSense™ Hot Spot MonitorAre you looking for real-time analytics for your systems that uses a web-based app? GraceSense™ from Grace Engineered Products offers you a predictive maintenance system that monitors the health of your assets utilizing IIoT. ... {Read More}

Electrical safety demands a precise answer to the question “Is voltage present?”

Posted on Thursday Sep 07, 2017 | loto, nfpa70e, voltage-indicator,

Grace Engineered Products Voltage IndicatorKeeping personnel away from live voltage is foundational to electrical safety. Thru-door voltage indicators provide visibility of voltage from outside the enclosure without exposing personnel to voltage. Workers performing mechanical LOTO must isolate electrical energy. An externally-mounted voltage detector provides a means to check voltage inside an electrical panel. Without a voltage indicator, a mechanic performing mechanical LOTO would be required to work in tandem with an electrician using a voltmeter to physically verify voltage inside an electrical panel. In this case, the electrician is exposed to voltage. With thru-door voltage detectors, the mechanic can verify zero electrical energy without any exposure to voltage.... {Read More}