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HMS Includes A Free Master Configuration Tool In The Anybus X-Gateway With A Profibus, DeviceNet or EtherNet/IP Master/Scanner

Posted on Friday Sep 13, 2019 | gateway, i/o, industrial, networks,

HMS Includes A Free Master Configuration ToolYou can connect over 200 gateways to any two industrial networks using HMS Anybus X-gateway family. You can use the Anybus X-gateways to easily transfer I/O data between devices on two different PLC systems and networks. This allows your information to flow smoothly throughout your entire plant.... {Read More}

HMS Anybus Wireless Bridge with Robust Wireless Connection to Industrial Devices

Posted on Wednesday Nov 21, 2018 | anybus, bridge, wireless,

The HMS Anybus Wireless Bridge is a robust wireless gateway that enables you to get industrial strength connection via Bluetooth or WLAN. The wireless bridge can be used whenever cables are not desirable to connect devices in hard to reach places or hazardous locations. The devices are IP-65 rated making them ideal for harsh industrial environments. The most common use is establishing a connection in industrial networks, but they can also be used as an access point connection for up to seven different slaves. You can create a wireless connection up to 400 meters between most industrial Ethernet networks including: Profinet, EnterNet/IP, Modbus TCP and BACnet IP.... {Read More}

The HMS Anybus Gateway Selector Helps You Select The Right Network Combinations

Posted on Thursday Feb 22, 2018 | ethernet-ip, gateway, networks, plc,

HMS AnybusThe HMS Anybus Gateway is a translator where you connect one communication standard on one side and another communication standard on the other. With more than 300 combinations of industrial communication standards in the marketplace, it’s often hard to know which ones to choose. Do you know how to pick the correct HMS Anybus Gateway for your connectivity needs? HMS has an Anybus Gateway Selector available for you to select the two network interfaces you plan to use. ... {Read More}