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Enclosure Express Customization from nVent Hoffman in 10 Days

Posted on Friday Apr 09, 2021 | customization, cut-outs, enclosures, holes,

nVent Hoffman Custom EnclosuresWith nVent Hoffman’s quick customization program you have direct factory express customization from their factory to your facility. ... {Read More}

nVent Hoffman Offers OSHA Safety Yellow Textured Pushbutton Enclosures

Posted on Friday Oct 30, 2020 | enclosures, osha, pushbuttons,

Pushbutton EnclosuresWhat was once a modified product for nVent Hoffman is now part of their standard product offering. ... {Read More}

Hoffman on Demand’s Quick Ship Program Gives You A Full Product Range of Locally Available Enclosures

Posted on Thursday Nov 28, 2019 | enclosures, inventory, local, quick, ship,

Appleton’s Code Master LED FixturesMcNaughton-McKay is pleased to offer you the nVent Hoffman on Demand (HoD) program. This program ensures you get the enclosure solutions you need when your business demands it. ... {Read More}

Spectracool Remote Access Control Gives You Peace of Mind

Posted on Friday Mar 01, 2019 | access, air, conditioner, panels, remote,

nVent Hoffman SpectraCoolHoffman’s SpectraCool Remote Access Control gives you the ability to monitor how your air conditioner is working inside your panel. It also allows you to replay alarms, giving maintenance the ability to consistently keep components running at optimal temperatures. ... {Read More}

Hoffman’s Proline G2 Delivers Rigid Protection and Flexible Solutions for Industrial Controls

Posted on Thursday Oct 04, 2018 | bv-m6, delrin, modular-enclosure, plinth-base, proline,

Hoffman Proline G2 SeriesWhat sets the Hoffman Proline G2 apart making it ideal for industrial environments? In short - it’s durability, custom colors, security, and ease of use. A secure door close on an electrical enclosure is an important safety consideration. The Proline G2 has a durable powder coated paint finish both inside and out, a door with a solid swing designed for high load capacity, and a smooth glide latching system. The smooth glide latching system ensures easy latching over the lifetime of the enclosure. A combination of a sturdy, double flange latch rod and three Delrin® roller pins prevent metal on metal grinding. A time latch mechanism ensures that the top and the bottom of the door catch reliably and repeatedly.... {Read More}

Cut Conduit Installation Time by 80% with Hoffman’s Angled Trough

Posted on Friday Jun 01, 2018 | 90-degree, bend, conduit, trough,

Hoffman's Angeled TroughHoffman’s Angled Trough allows you to run conduit straight into the box from the top and bottom without having to do any 90-degree conduit bends. It reduces installation time by 80 percent. This gives you more flexibility in your wire distribution. With the angled trough, you use less space and it’s more esthetically pleasing to the eye.... {Read More}

Are you Tired of Using Out-dated Touchscreens That Are Small and Hard to See and Operate?

Posted on Saturday Sep 17, 2016 | enclosure, ergonomics, hmi, integrated-motion,

Hoffman SyspendWhen designing a HMI system, you need a solution that optimizes factory workspace, without sacrificing worker ergonomics. The new Hoffman SYSPEND 180-MAX is a modular support arm system that allows you to design customized configurations to address the worker, without the lead time of a custom ordered solution, getting you to work faster. With only six small set screws connecting tubes to couplings, building a system is quick and easy to install too, cutting installation time in half.... {Read More}

Hoffman SpectraCool™ Indoor Air Conditioner

Posted on Friday Jan 22, 2016

The life expectancy of electronics can be reduced in half every time the room temperature rises by 18 degrees. Heat can reduce performance, instigate damage, and affect manufacturer warranties. Heat can be generated inside a cabinet by electronic components and intensified by external sources. This heat buildup can harm your industrial controls. Uncooled components can produce as much trapped heat as a home furnace.... {Read More}

Hoffman FS66S Stainless Steel Enclosures Provide Rugged Protection for Sensitive Components in Harsh Environments.

Posted on Monday Nov 16, 2015 | fs66s, hoffman,

Hoffman’s FS66S enclosures features stainless steel uni-body construction and are designed to house systems incorporating large components or complex mounting configurations. You can use these enclosures in machine tool applications for housing motor starters, drives, contactors and PLCs, as well as a wide variety of other electrical and electronic equipment. The enclosures can be used in oil and gas, automotive, pulp and paper, wood products, textile and other comparable industries. Additionally, they provide rugged protection for your sensitive components in harsh environments.... {Read More}