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Hubbell’s Twist-Lock® Edge Series Receptacles are the Fastest to Terminate

Posted on Friday Dec 11, 2020 | receptacles, spring-termination, wiring-devices,

Hubbell’s Twist-Lock® Edge SeriesHubbell’s Twist-Lock® edge spring termination locking receptacles deliver a significant improvement over screw receptacles that can help you reduce wiring installation time by upwards of 80 percent. With spring termination, receptacles technicians can complete the installation completely by hand without a screwdriver or torque wrench.... {Read More}

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Watertight Devices Provide You The Confidence Needed For Wet Locations

Posted on Saturday Apr 11, 2020 | devices, plates, plugs, receptacles, watertight, wiring,

Hubbell Watertight DevicesHubbell’s watertight wiring devices provide you superior water resistance and durability in harsh environments such as food processing, agriculture, amusement, and recreation construction and manufacturing. ... {Read More}


Posted on Friday Nov 08, 2019 | cables, cord, reels, wire,

Hubbell's inREACH Industrial Cord ReelHubbell’s inREACH™ mounting bracket allows you to decrease or eliminate the additional labor associated with installing cord during the trim out of a project.... {Read More}

Hubbell Wiring Devices inSIGHT™ Data Monitoring Helps Avoid Costly Downtime

Posted on Friday Mar 22, 2019 | analysis, data, ethernet, monitoring,

Hubbell Wiring Devices inSIGHT™ Data MonitoringToday's industrial facility and data center owners know that real-time data analysis, such as current consumption, voltage power usage or temperature, are critical to avoiding costly facility downtime. Hubbell’s new line of intelligent data monitoring devices collect such important data and provide predictive analysis directly at the point of use. ... {Read More}

Hubbell Advantage IEC Pin & Sleeve Series for Demanding Environments

Posted on Friday Nov 09, 2018 | disconnects, iec, pin, sleeve,

Hubbell Advantage IEC Pin & Sleeve SeriesDemanding environments need high-performance pin and sleeve connections. Hubbell’s Advantage Series IEC switch rated pin and sleeve connections are perfect for motor applications, industrial applications and food and beverage processing facilities. ... {Read More}


Posted on Friday Mar 09, 2018 | boxes, floor, raceway, recessed,

Rockwell Automation EDS FilesBuildings are more connected and intelligent than ever before. To support their changing and expanding requirements, Hubbell Delivery Systems bring power, data and audio-visual (AV) solutions to wherever they’re needed within your facility. Hubbell provides delivery systems for office buildings, schools, malls, sports stadiums, hospitals and airports.... {Read More}

Protect Your Wire and Cables with Hubbell’s Surface Raceway Systems

Posted on Saturday Oct 07, 2017 | conduit, metallic, non-metallic, raceway,

Hubbell’s Surface Raceway SystemsA raceway system helps to protect your wires and cables heat, humidity, corrosion, water intrusion and general physical threats. The channels can be mounted on walls, desks or other surface areas concealing wires and cables making areas neat and easy to maintain. They are one of the handiest cable management tools. Hubbell’s raceway systems are available in steel, aluminum and non-metallic, single or multi-channel raceways. ... {Read More}

For the Most Demanding Environments Hubbell’s Advantage Series Pin and Sleeve Are a Perfect Fit

Posted on Friday Jun 03, 2016 | iec, intermateable, pin-and-sleeve, plug, receptacle,

Hubbell Pin and SleeveDemanding environments call for high-performance pin and sleeve connections. Hubbell's Advantage Series IEC switched rated pin and sleeve connections have increased horsepower ratings, the push button switching capability of a general purpose branched disconnect in a compact design. The Advantage Series gives you more flexibility, more applications and more advantages. The Advantage Series connectors are IEC 6030 9-20 and safely mates with any IEC 6030 9-20 pin and sleeve manufacturers. The Advantage Series is intermateable with your existing installed base, saving you money.... {Read More}

When You Need Watertight Devices You Want Hubbell WD

Posted on Friday Dec 04, 2015 | watertight, wiring,

Hubbell Wiring Device Kellems introduces its newly redesigned and expanded family of watertight devices. These devices have been engineered for superior water resistance and durability in harsh environments such as food processing, construction and manufacturing. Hubbell’s full line includes Straight Blade and Locking Plugs, Connectors, Receptacles and Plates. New features include a smooth body design, free-floating cap and triple bypass seal that ensure superior performance. Hubbell’s products passed the UL 4X Watertight test when mated with your installed base. This means you don’t have to convert all of your products over at once, saving you time and money... {Read More}