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Ideal’s New ArmourBand™ Insulating Wrap Makes Electricians' Lives Easier

Posted on Sunday May 31, 2020 | devices, electrical, insulated, tape, wiring, wraps,

Ideal’s New ArmourBand Insulating WrapsArmourBand™ Insulating Wraps from Ideal Electrical, is the next innovation in making electricians lives easier. ... {Read More}

Ideal LT Wire Connectors

Posted on Friday Aug 12, 2016

Ideal Wire ConnectorsIdeal’s Twister® LT Wire Connectors can be counted as a quality product that performs great no matter what your wire size. The Twister LT is designed for peak performance and maximum comfort on big electrical jobs in tight spaces. The compact design makes them perfect for any lighting installation or retrofit. They can handle wire ranges in sizes from 2 #22 gauge, up to 3 #12 gauge with solid or stranded conductors. The square wire spring and comfortable swept wing design provides a fast secure connection. They can be applied using any of the twisted nut screwdrivers, the spin twist connector tool or a standard ¼” hex driver. ... {Read More}