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Lithonia IBG High Bay LED Stops Airborne Contaminants from Diminishing the Integrity of Your Lighting Fixture Lens

Posted on Friday Dec 06, 2019 | fixture, high-bay, led, lighting,

Lithonia IBG High Bay LEDDo you know the importance of selecting the right high bay fixture for your industrial lighting application? ... {Read More}

Lithonia Lighting’s GTL LED offers Dimming Capabilities

Posted on Friday Jul 19, 2019 | dimming, led, lighting,

Lithonia Lighting’s GTL LED One of the most unique features of the Lithonia Lighting GT LED is its dimming capability. It is fully dimmable down to 10%. If you would like to dim Lithonia Lighting GT LED you will need to purchase a 0 to 10 volt, low voltage, LED wall dimmer. ... {Read More}


Posted on Friday Oct 12, 2018 | flat, led, luminaire, panel,

Lithonia EPANLLithonia’s EPANL is a low-profile and easy to install luminaire that provides visual appeal in a variety of applications. The lens provides a bright glare-free comfortable solution. Ceiling space is not a problem when installing the EPANL with a depth of only two inches you will not encounter restricted plenum space. ... {Read More}

Easy Installation with Lithonia’s Wafer LED Recessed Downlighting

Posted on Friday May 18, 2018 | downlighting, led, recessed,

Wafer LEDThe ultra-thin recessed downlighting Wafer™ LED from Lithonia provides housing-free installation. The Wafer LED is perfect for shallow ceilings. The slim design makes retrofitting, remodeling or new construction installation quick and simple. The Wafer only needs 2” of plenum clearance to be installed.... {Read More}

Lithonia’s Quantum® LED Exit Light Features High-Output Remote Capacity

Posted on Friday Jan 12, 2018 | exit, high-ouput, led, lighting,

Lithonia SignageIn the case of a fire, exit signs can save lives. The Lithonia LHQM Quantum LED Exit with high-output remote capacity is suitable to be installed above doors and tight locations. The high-output with remote lamps are perfect for emergency egress lighting. This LED Exit combination light provides lower operating cost resulting from the current-limiting charger which maximizes battery life and minimizes energy consumptions.... {Read More}