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One Source for Comprehensive Lighting Solutions

Posted on Thursday May 23, 2019 | audits, energy-saving, lighting,

McNaughton-McKay Lighting AuditWe are all trying to find ways to save money. Right? One way that you can help your company do that is by scheduling a facility lighting audit. This is a great first step in cutting your energy costs. Our specialists will come to your facility and survey what your current lighting situation is and assess how it can be improved. They can create a lighting strategy that best fits your sustainability goals and budget. ... {Read More}

Stop Wasting Time Drilling Your Own Holes in Enclosures

Posted on Friday Feb 09, 2018 | enclosures, mod-center, modifications,

McNaughton-McKay SteinhauerMcNaughton-McKay is a certified distributor for Hoffman’s Steinhauer Modification Center. We have Steinhauer machines in our facilities with expert operators ready to make the modifications of your enclosure easier. With the Steinhauer machine available, you can stop wasting time performing holes and cutouts manually.... {Read More}

Take the Guess Work Out of Defective Parts with Video Vision Serialization

Posted on Friday May 05, 2017 | metadata, serialization, video-vision,

Video SerializationHave you ever run into the situation of having to repair defective parts but don’t know which parts are bad? It’s a terrible feeling to look at a day's work and realize that you must start from the beginning to figure out what went wrong. With McNaughton-McKay's Video Vision Serialization product, you never need to face that issue again. Video Vision Serialization captures images or videos of your manufacturing process and then logs the data collected. Using the products metadata search function, you can pinpoint which material is damaged within seconds, affording you the capability to repair only the broken parts. For more information about how Video Vision Serialization can save you time and money, check out how Vinny the Vision Guy could have helped Gary the Glass Guy at ABC Auto Manufacturing. ... {Read More}

McNaughton-McKay’s Customer Alliance Program Works to Efficiently Manager your Inventory

Posted on Sunday Jan 22, 2017 | inventory, stock-outs, vendor-managed-inventory, vmi,

McNaughton-McKay Customer Alliance ProgramMcNaughton-McKay offers a materials management program to our customers called the Customer Alliance Program (C.A.P.). It is designed to help you reduce carrying costs, manpower and paperwork. All while improving your inventory accuracy and increase your productivity. Our C.A.P. services are tailored to fit your inventory management needs. Our goal is to provide a mutually beneficial relationship where both sides can easily and precisely control the availability and flow of products.... {Read More}

One Stop Shop for Your Product Repairs

Posted on Thursday Mar 24, 2016 | automation-repairs, product-repairs, repairs,

McNaughton-McKay Repair ServicesWhen you have faulty industrial automation parts, your company faces a real challenge. You have to consider how you handle these broken parts while still adequately using your assets and keeping your costs down. With a single source repair solution from McNaughton-McKay, all of your electrical, electronic, mechanical and servo product repairs can be handled with one phone call. Our services are available for all manufacturers. Your malfunctioning parts are cleaned, tested and analyzed. Then they are repaired, replaced and re-tested. ... {Read More}