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ProSoft’s Connect Lite App Allows You to Troubleshoot Problems from Anywhere at Anytime

Posted on Friday Sep 18, 2020 | cellular, connectivity, gateways, remote,

ProSoft ConnectThe new ProSoft Connect (PSC) Lite app allows you to remotely connect to your network securely to access an HMI or manage a device using your PC, tablet, or smartphone.... {Read More}

Is Your PLC, HIM or Drive From a Different Era?

Posted on Friday Sep 06, 2019

Prosoft Technology’s AN-X2-AB-DHRIO gateway helps you migrate legacy remote I/O or data highway plus PLC’s to ControlLogix or CompactLogix PAC’s. In addition, gateways also enable your Remote I/O PLC to control the latest EtherNet/IP PowerFlex drives or PanelView Plus 6 terminals. ProSoft Technology’s migration gateways can be added to an existing remote I/O network and monitor the changing states of I/O. When upgrading your control system, you can end up getting downtime. With ProSoft gateways, the ControlLogix program can be built and verified before switching to a new system. In addition to legacy control system migration, the gateways enable you to upgrade Remote I/O drives or PanelViews to EtherNet/IP PowerFlex drives or PanelView Plus 6 terminals without modifying PLC code saving you time and money.... {Read More}

Are You in Need of a Replacement for Your Discontinued NET-ENI?

Posted on Friday Jan 11, 2019 | ethernet, modernization, modules, routing,

ProSoft’s DF1 routing moduleWith Rockwell Automation discontinuing the 1761-NET-ENI, you may have trouble in the future connection your EtherNet/IP equipment to your SLC or MicroLogix without the connecting bridge of the NET-ENI. The issue you will face is with communication from one device to another. To ensure your operation maintains its efficiency, the communication problem must be resolved.... {Read More}

You Can Have Control of Your Equipment Data With ProSoft’s OPC UA Gateway

Posted on Friday Jul 20, 2018 | ethernet/ip, iiot, modbus,

ProSoft OPC UA GatewayAre you wondering how you can collect important data from your equipment to use in your facility operations? ProSoft Technology’s OPC UA-based module gives you a way to connect to your hardware via three protocols: OPC UA, EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP/IP.... {Read More}