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Thomas & Betts' Ty-Duct Makes Wire Management Easy

Posted on Friday Dec 29, 2017 | pvc, wire-management, wiring,

Thomas and Betts Ty-DuctHave you ever opened a control panel and found yourself asking where’s the wiring? Thanks to products like Thomas & Betts Ty-duct it’s hidden. With the complexity of control panels, ty-duct offers multiple application specific materials and colors. It’s available in rigid PVC or halogen-free for use in applications with higher temperatures. ... {Read More}

Newly Improved Thomas & Betts Stainless Steel Ball-Locking Ty-Rap®

Posted on Friday Dec 18, 2015 | ty-rap,

The improved stainless steel ball-locking ty-rap from Thomas & Betts gives you the power to wrap up the toughest jobs sooner and with more confidence. They are safer, stronger, and faster to use. They are safer because of the AISI #1 precision rounded edge which doesn’t harm the cable or installer. Thin stainless steel is inherently sharp, which is why TNB incorporates a fully rounded edge so that the cable tie does not chafe or cut through the cable insulation. They are the strongest cable ties TNB has ever built and stand up to corrosive and harsh environments... {Read More}