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Wittenstein’s Planetary Gear Heads Have a High Level of Efficiency, High Transmission Torques, and Compact Designs

Posted on Friday Feb 21, 2020 | gear, heads, motor, planetary, servo,

Wittenstein’s Planetary Gear HeadsLow backlash planetary gear heads are the connecting link between a servo motor and an application. The main function of the gear head is to transform torque and speed and adjust mass inertia. ... {Read More}

Rack-and-Pinion Drives Often Top Other Drives For Durability, Efficiency, and Economics

Wittenstein RAPLinear motors, ball screws, and rack-and-pinion drives are good options when it comes to electro-mechanical linear motion systems. Ball screws are very popular, and linear motors are noted for precision and dynamic performance. Rack-and-Pinion drives are often overlooked when it comes to accuracy and performance, but they cannot only match but exceed what is offered by competing hardware. This is made possible through the advances in precision manufacturing, and the recent advent of electronic preloading. In fact, rack-and-pinion units often top the others in terms of durability, efficiency, and economics.... {Read More}