AMCI’s NR25 Networked Rotary Encoder Provides Flexibility and Cost Savings

Dialight Area LightWhat is the NR25 Networked Rotary Encoder from Advanced Micro Controls Inc. (AMCI)? Simply put it is a rotary encoder plus a network interface. It is comprised of a non-contact sensor, oversized bearings and O-ring seals. The non-contact sensor allows for no plastic gears or sensitive optics. With oversized bearings you realize superior axial and shaft lading. The O-ring seals are used at all joints making the device IP67 rated. The three mounting options of hub, flange and servo give you greater flexibility for installation. To increase that flexibility you have shaft options of solid or hub.

The EtherNet/IP version with Power over Ethernet (PoE) means you have one cable for power and data requiring less wiring and money saving. The NR25 provides powerful protection with its IP67 protection rating. It is also compatible with all PLCs that support EtherNet/IP, Modbus-TCP, DeviceNet or Profibus. You can program the NR25 using your PLC’s native software so there is no new software to purchase or learn.

The NR25 Network Rotary encoder is good for applications like overhead cranes, stamping presses, speed matching, sluice gates, satellite antenna positioning and aluminum smelting. In summary the NR25:

  • Has a network interface for: EhterNet/IP, Modbus-TCP, DeviceNet and Profibus

  • Has an embedded switch option with Device Level Ring (DLR)

  • Has Power over EtherNet option with reduces cabling

  • Has the ability to be programmed directly through the host controller’s software

  • Has a stainless option for hazardous location applications

  • Has a variety of packaging, mounting and shaft options

  • Has a resolver-based design which eliminates the need for plastic gears and sensitive optics


Posted on Friday Jun 15, 2018 | encoder, ethernet/ip, plc,