Appleton’s Mercmaster™ LED Low Profile Luminaire is the Industrial Fixture of Choice

Mercmaster LEDLED lighting continues to improve with Appleton’s Mercmaster™ LED Low Profile Luminaire. It’s the fixture of choice for a wide range of industrial applications and other areas where flammable gas vapors are present as well as marine and wet locations. With three light outputs available, replacing HID fixtures up to 150 watts is easy. They have a lower weight, slimmer profile, smaller diameter and a robust design. Plus, no heat dissipation fins are required. They are perfectly suited for low mounting heights of 15 feet or less. The fixture is compatible with Appleton’s traditional line of Mercmaster III HID Mounting Hoods. This allows for a variety of mounting styles including: wall, 90-degree stanchion, 25-degree stanchion, ceiling, pendant and pendant cone.

Retrofitting is fast and easy with the safety hinge design and can be completed within minutes. With the power turned off, simply unlatch the hood and disconnect the hot, neutral and ground connections. The hinge has a high lift for added safety during installation, servicing and incorporates a swing-a-way design with a captive bolt and nut. Once the wiring is disconnected, remove the fixture and replace with a new Mercmaster LED Low Profile Luminaire. There is no need for costly electrical work. Simply reconnect the existing wires to the screw terminal block on the new fixture to re-latch the mounting hood. The hinge construction assures 360-degree compression to ensure positive sealing.

Because all mounting installations utilize the same fixture body, it’s easy to keep accessories on hand. You only need to stock one basic ballast housing and adapt it for all your locations. For even more flexibility, they are customizable with four different globe options for optimum lighting requirements. Your options are: clear polycarbonate, diffused polycarbonate, clear glass and glass prismatic refractor.


Posted on Thursday Jun 21, 2018 | led, lighting, luminaire,